Epic Photos That Are Truly Fascinating (52 pics)

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Gilbert Arenas Banned From Basketball Game At Orange County Fair For Winning Too Much

Worlds Dumbest Man Loses Life Savings On Carnival Game (Tubs of Fun)

Henry Gribbohm says he lost his life savings, $2,600, on a carnival game and all he has to show for it is a stuffed banana with dreadlocks.

When the fighter is hotter than the models

WWE and how they (gracefully) mention Chris Benoit and his achievements at WrestleMania XX in a recent encyclopedia

In-N-Out Imitation Burger Chain in Taiwan featuring the “Cali Cheeseburger” and “Wild Style Fries” 

Space Shuttle Launches Behind an F-15

Mummified Monk inside a Buddhist Statue

Barcelona, Spain from the ISS

This is the creepy girl from The Ring now

The cast of the new ‘Ghostbusters’ went to a children’s hospital

Xena Warrior Princess and Gabrielle were reunited on Instagram

Folding Lava

Toilet controller in Japan (How to Use a Japanese Toilet)

All satellites orbiting the earth right now

F-35 shows off all its weapons

Behind the stage

A police department now has a “Citizen Exchange Safety Zone” for craigslist like sales

The ingredients section on this toothpaste tube explains where each ingredient comes from and what it does

Someone in Norway have furnished a bus stop, nobody knows who

Copenhagen just introduced this recycling tray at public trashcans. It is meant to help people collect bottles for recycling (in Denmark, returning empty bottles to stores rewards cash)

Yemeni Photographer Bushra Almutawakel Illustrates How Women Are Vanishing Into The Darkness

Wildlife workers dressed up as pandas to make baby pandas feel safe

The average parking lot in The Netherlands

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Dragon Falls, Venezuela

Totem pole at Cape Hauy, Tasmania

This ad was posted on Wall St.

This surf park opens today in Wales, and has the longest man-made surfable waves in the world

Bird’s eye view of the Dubai Marina

Wreck of the Swedish warship Mars, which exploded during the first battle of Öland, 1564 (Baltic Sea). Well preserved for almost 500 years

Meanwhile, outside Walter Palmer’s dentistry office

Women Sewing Fishing Net in Vietnam

Pools in China are slightly overcrowded..

The Cover of ‘New York Magazine’ Showing 35 Women Accusing Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault

The World’s Largest Pit Bull, Hulk’s $500,000 Puppy Litter

Rest In Peace Buster who saved thousands of lives during his 5 completed tours sniffing out bombs in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Iraq. He passed away peacefully in his home with Flight Sergeant Will Barrow at the age of 13.

Person notices a wife sexting with another man at a ball game. Hands husband warning note that wife is cheating.

A clever way to show how ancient ruins looked like

Tomorrowland 2015 Main Stage!

5 megabyte hard drive being shipped out, IBM 1956

A lion escaping a herd of buffalo

Tokyo’s massive underground storm drain

Credits:  cavemancircus.com


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