The Weirdest Sexual Habits in the Animal Kingdom (15 pics)

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When a virgin queen survives to adulthood without being killed by her rivals, they take a mating flight with a dozen male drones whose genitals explode and snap off inside her during mating.

Sea horses

During courtship seahorses perform a romantic dance that can last up to 8 hours. They hold talks, swim snout-to-snout, and change colors to indicate there readiness to mate.

Percula Clownfish

These fish live in a group consisting of a breeding pair of male and female as well as some non-breeding males. If the female dies, the male will change sex and become the lady.


Male macaques pay in the form of fruits to get a peek at the back side of a female.

Puffer fish

They construct what is most comparable to crop circles underwater to lure in females. The male swims in a circular pattern for hours, making grooves in the sand. When the female sees one she likes, she lays her eggs in the middle of the circle.

Sea hares

When these hermaphrodites mate, they form a chain of several animals. The hare in front acts as the female to the one behind it. Sometimes they even form a circle and everyone happily mates the day away.


The females are only interested in sex around 8-12 hours a year. During the short mating season, the male stands up on his hind legs, waddles up to the female and sprays her with a huge stream of urine from as far as 6 feet away and drenches the lady from head to toe. If she didn’t like it, she screams and shakes it off, but if she’s ready she’ll rear up to expose her underbelly and let the male mount her from behind. Once it gets to this point, the female forces the male to mate constantly until he is thoroughly exhausted.

Argentine Lake Duck

This duck may be small, but it has the longest penis of any bird species in the world, measuring about 17 in. If a female tries to escape from him, he ‘lassos’ her back in with his junk.


The whole societal structure of these animals seems to revolve around sex. They use it as a greeting, a way of solving disputes, making up, and as favors in exchange for food. They tongue kiss, engage in oral sex, mutually masturbate, and even have a strange ‘penis fencing’ ritual.


This bird builds a nice little bachelor pad to attract the females. It’s called a bower and is made of twigs and shaped like a small hut. He then decorates his place with objects as gifts, such as flowers, feathers, stones and even bits of glass and plastic. If you mess up his architecture, he will get really angry. The only time he breaks his focus from building it is when he goes to a different bird’s bower and steals things for his own.


the crustaceans that stick to the bottom of boats are stuck in one position their whole lives. The solution for mating is that they have an inflatable penis that is up to 50 times as long as its body, making it the longest penis relative to body length in the animal kingdom.

Emperor Penguins

Penguin couples spend their lives apart from each other and meet once a year in late March after traveling as far as 70 miles to reach the breeding site. Once there, they look for their better halves by making a bugling call. Once they find each other, they stand breast to breast and repeatedly bow to each other and sing.


Their genitals are on their necks, right behind their eye-stalks. Before the two snails mate, they shoot ‘love darts’ made of calcium at each other.

Red-sided garter snake

The annual mating of this snake is a tourist attraction in Manitoba, Canada, because when a female garter snake comes out of hibernation, she releases a pheromone that attracts hundreds of male snakes to rush her and create a huge ‘mating ball.’


When a male finds a female, he nudges her rump to induce urination. He then drinks some of that urine and if it tastes good to him, he begins to court her. However, there isn’t really much to his ‘courting,’ because he basically just follows her around until she lets him have her.


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walczowski 4 year s ago
LOLOLOLOL. We humans saying that animals have weird sexual habits... sure!!!



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