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Guy Picks Up a Free Mortal Kombat Cabinet and Gets Some Extra Added Surprises (21 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome   21 Sep 2015   / 7698 views

I've been wanting an arcade cabinet for years but haven't pulled the trigger. I was browsing Craigslist just to see what was out there, and this guy was giving away a "Free Mortal Combat" arcade machine... No pictures or anything, but he lived in my city so I contacted him and told him I live nearby and have a pick-up truck. He said it was mine.
He said he's giving it away cause he doesn't need and it doesn't work anyway.
So I go there and surprise- there really IS a Free Mortal Kombat Cabinet.
Marquee is in excellent quality for being outside. Not sun faded. I did notice that it is slightly cut off on the sides, again, probably a sign that it's a converted cab.
Control panel needs some love, but isn't in terrible shape. I noticed immediately the two block buttons. All of the MK machines I've seen have only had one block button, so I'd say this is a converted cab.
So it was originally an Atari machine.
Removing back panel access door...
... everything looks pretty good.
It's overall in good shape.
No keys though, some places are open, some you have to open yourself.
Coin slot door has some issues. The lights behind the "Insert coin" buttons don't light up, I'll replace those bulbs. Also, the machine didn't come with any keys, so while the coin door was unlocked and openable, the bottom was not. According to the manual, that's where the control panel's located in order to access the main menu system to make some changes to the game.
Also, for some reason there's a panel covering the whole door, I'll have to remove that as well... and a manual was hidden in the coin door.
Got to do some work.
And remember how the guy said it doesn't work? Another surprise- It works just fine.
Oh, the memories.
Scorpion wins! Fatality!
Still got it!!!

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