Epic Photos That Are Truly Fascinating (59 pics)

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Just a 7 foot 442 lb Highschool defensive lineman

Airplane Full Of Victoria Secret Models

Real life Photoshop interface

This was scribbled all over the wall of a vacant crackhouse

The UK now gives a breakdown of what your taxes were spent on

This bikers jacket has signal and brake lights

The Tongue Drive System enables a person with high-level spinal cord injury to operate a computer and an electrically-powered wheelchair by moving their tongue

“Pizza” at Big Lou, Texas ((1 topping giant pizza is about $60)

Disgusting Breyers Classic experiment – 43 hours on counter and still not melted

Prior to 2006, Breyers Ice Cream was made in Wisconsin with no artificial ingredients. In 2006 corporate mega-giant Unilever bought the brand and moved its production to New Jersey and introduced artificial additives and fillers as a cost cutting measure.

It’s not even called ice cream any more because they legally can’t. It’s called frozen dairy desert

6’8 Arizona Cardniel Offensive Tackle, Jared Veldheer, Is Why I Get Killed Playing Football

Detailed look at NY Jets’ new Riddell 360 helmet

Sperm Donation Room At A Fertility Clinic

A PSA you will never find in the US…Amsterdam health warning to tourists. You will not be arrested for using drugs in Amsterdam

Letter sent from the FBI to Martin Luther King Jr., demanding that he kill himself. Previously released, heavily redacted version side by side with the full version just released by the NYT (full size)

A battery caged chicken on the day she was let out of her cage. Here she is, 3 months later after enjoying life as a free range chicken.

This is a FORTIS exoskeleton, it augments human abilities, reducing muscle fatigue by 300 percent (video)

Sunday morning breakfast at the firehouse

Bacon, kielbasa, scrambled cheddar broccoli eggs, Leftover french fries as homefries, and french toast.

1960’s CIA-issued Rectal Houdini Kit

Gun belt of an SS officer

Pablo Picasso painted this when he was 15 years old

Halloween Decoration

This is what $40m in seized cash looks like

The Mountain from Game of Thrones age 20, age 25

How much classic consoles would cost in today’s dollars

My god even now the Neo Geo is STILL the most expensive thing…..EVER!

“Home taping is killing music” – backside of a 1972 vinyl sleeve

Austrian left wing party donates money to refugees everytime an Austrian right wing party doesn’t tell the truth in the parliament.

The Kawasaki J Concept Motorcycle

The Difference Between Generations

This Woman Has The Longest Legs In America

Lauren Williams is a volleyball player, and model who has gained notoriety for her 49 inch legs. She currently holds the title as the woman with America’s Longest Legs. 

The World’s Biggest Horse, Brooklyn Supreme

Tree Chandelier

Warner bros. message on prejudice being played before old Looney Tunes films

Ahmed’s Clock…Not gonna lie, it does kind of look like a bomb

Anna Kendrick, Alison Brie, Ashley Greene and Camilla Belle…who’s your choice???

Cleanest homelss setup I ever seen

Very Clever Advertising

McLaren P1 from behind

350-year-old, 90-foot-tall bur oak tree in Missouri

Tyrian Purple, the most expensive dye in the world currently worth close to $100,000 an ounce.

This Is How A Blind Person Plays Magic The Gathering

It started with sorting out his deck before he could type up his sleeves.

He had the same 45 minutes as everyone else to actually build his deck. This involved me reading out all the cards as I opened them and him letting me know whether he wanted to play them or not. A lot of the cards he’d memorised from the spoilers which sped this up a lot. He them had 2 hours to type up his sleeves, the last of which was while everyone else was deck building so that he was ready to start round one with everyone else.

Richard with his printer, churning out sleeves.

The printer is surprisingly light and portable but is a completely mechanical machine that works in pretty much the same was as a traditional type writer but with fewer buttons which Richard often presses in collections in order to produce certain letters or words.

Reading the sleeves to check what he’s already typed.

On cards with little text he repeats the text so the whole sleeve is covered. This seres two purposes, firstly it means that his opponent can’t try and work out which cards are in his hame by the amount of text on them and secondly so that his deck is “balanced”, all the cards are the same thickness across the whole card so his deck doesn’t tilt and fall over.

At a glance it’s just like any other game.

Richard relies on his opponent to announce everything they play so that he can keep track of their board state. This was a little out of some player’s comfort zone at first but they all got used to it very quickly.

A look at the cards up close with the braille over the surface.

All the cards have their name both at the top and upside down on the bottom so that Richard can quickly read them even if he picks them up upside down.

Reading his cards to remind him of his board presence.

Even with a brand new set he’d memorised most of the cards so he knew what he had in front of him with just a quick read of the card’s names. He also used dice with raised dots so that he can keep track of his own life total.

The seating arrangement in the legendary McLaren F1 Supercar: One seat in the center and two to in fixed-positions on either side, so as not to disturb the weight balance. Thus the driver can experience an F1-car driving position while still carrying passengers.

Cocaine accessory advertisements from the 70’s.


Credits:  cavemancircus.com

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