Real McDonald’s Meals That Are Served Up in Various Countries around the World (25 pics)

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McBeer (Europe)

It may seem strange to Americans, but you can have a Big Mac and a beer in Europe.

Veg Pizza McPuff (India)

Similar to a hot pocket, minus the meat.

McLobster (Canada)

I’m not sure I like the idea of getting seafood of any kind at a McD’s, but it’s out there.

McNurnburger (Germany)

This ‘burger’ incorporates both sausages and hamburgers.

Ovomaltine McFlurry (Brazil)

This is also found in certain European countries.

Kiwi Stick (France)

Not the most necessary item, but it sounds refreshing.

Vegemite (Australia)

Apparently Australians really love their vegemite.

Spinach and Parmesan Nuggets (Italy)

While it contains spinach, we’re not too certain how healthy it is…

McPoutine (Canada)

Found only in Canada (surprise surprise), this dish is fries covered in gravy.

Bubblegum-Squash McFlurry (Australia)

The ‘squash’ in this item actually refers to marshmallows.

Peasant Soup (Portugal)

A combination of ham, red beans, elbow pasta, veggies, and garlic makes this a modestly healthy bite.

Pizzarotto (Italy)

The Pizzarotto is a mini-calzone filled with tomato and mozzarella. A nice alternative to the hamburger in Italy.

Rye Vegetarian Feast (Finland)

Apparently even McDonald’s is good for you in Scandinavia.

Rice McWrap (China)

It’s essentially a chicken wrap with rice and it’s McDonald’s way of appealing to local tastes in China.

Filet-O Shrimp Burger (Japan)

Again with the seafood. Panko battered shrimp topped with Ebi shrimp tempura sauce on a bun is one of the most popular McDonald’s menu items in Japan.

Bacon Potato Pie (some Asian countries)

Bacon and pie? We’re not sure why this is only available in Asia.

Black and White Burger (China)

It’s ominous appearance doesn’t interfere with the flavor (or so we’re told) in this oddly colored burger.

Mashed Potato Burger (China)

This burger was featured in McDonald’s “Beef 2012 Manly Campaign” in China.

McKroket (Netherlands)

If you thought the mash potatoes were strange, try putting beef stew on your burger.

Breaded Emmentaler Sticks with Lingonberry Jam (Austria)

The long name is actually just a really fancy way of saying cheese sticks with jam.

Prosperity Burger (Malaysia)

Bearing a strong resemblance to the McRib, the Prosperity Burger was originally introduced as a promotional item to “celebrate abundance” during the Chinese New Year.

McCurry Pan (India)

This isn’t just any old pan of curry. The pan is actually made of bread.

Spam (Hawaii)

In case you wanted to be absolutely sure the meat was fake. Yes, it’s the US, but it’s exclusive to only one state. And it’s SPAM, so we felt compelled to mention it.

Taro Pie (China)

Just imagine a McDonald’s apple pie filled with taro-root instead of apples.

McToast (Italy)

It’s essentially an inside out hamburger bun with ham and cheese.

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babaroga73 5 year s ago
The idea of a American tourist when abroad : "Hmmm, let's see what McDonalds has in this country!"



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