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Restaurant Owner Gets into a Heated Online Battle with the Vegan Community (14 pics)

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One day in August, owner, Paul Stenson, was a little disgruntled after one of his customers, who happened to be vegan, was not pleased with his menu.

And that was that. Stenson went about his business running his bistro. Until last week, when the vegan saw his rant, and posted it across various vegan Facebook groups.

Stenson's words really pissed off the vegans. They banned together and took to the internet posting negative comments of the restaurant and one-star reviews.

But the mean comments didn't end, so neither did Stenson's rants on his restaurant's Facebook page.

Of course, Stenson says he was being sarcastic with his comments.

Just making jokes about vegans being in a cult and oh you, threatening to shoot them dead. But sometimes people don't pick up on sarcasm...

...so Stenson updated the restaurants cover photo. LOL?

This just made the vegans even more enraged.  We're guessing their anger was more about the whole gun thing than the above adorable cartoon. Stenson decided to apologize.

Maybe the "P.S. Fuck you" wasn't the apology the public was looking for...so then the protests at the actual cafe started.

Since these were people that have never actually been to the restaurant, they showed up when the cafe wasn't even open.

Oh wait, have we even mentioned yet that Stenson was receiving death threats?

There's now a Facebook Page called "People Against The White Moose Cafe."  They're encouraging the public to report Stenson for threatening a mass shooting.

But you know what they say, there's no such thing as bad PR.

So as we reach the end of this weird story, what have we learned?

Well, dear friends. We've learned that even in 2015 it's still hard to read sarcasm. If you work for family business, you're really never getting fired. And oh yeah, whatever you do, don't piss off vegans.

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