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Pics That Are So Poignant and Fascinating (33 pics)

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This pig was willing to risk it all for the sake of freedom

Once a Beatle: When Ringo was ill with tonsillitis, he substituted on drums for 8 concerts & lived a superstar’s life for 10 days. But Ringo has returned… Now Jimmie Nicol sits alone in the Melbourne airport, waiting for the plane that will take him back to obscurity

He did this during the height of Beatlemania in 1964. Nicol had hoped that his association with The Beatles would greatly boost his career but instead found that the spotlight moved away from him once Starr returned to the group. His subsequent lack of commercial success led him into bankruptcy in 1965. After then working with a number of different bands, including a successful stint with The Spotnicks, he left the music business in 1967 to pursue a variety of entrepreneurial ventures. Over the decades, Nicol has increasingly shied away from media attention, preferring not to discuss his connection to The Beatles nor seek financial gain from it.

People lined up to get into the Amazon Book Store… the online book store that killed brick-n-mortar book stores.

McLaren P1 GT-R, definitely one of the meanest rear-ends around

This is the tire of an ice racer

Man & Girl in Traditional Maori Attire

The Vehicle that has won the contract to replace the US’s Humvee fleet (Oshkosh L-ATV Demonstration)

1700hp twin turbo Ford GT

The largest Heroin bust in Australia’s history. (1,032 kilos)

How does this even happen?

Tug-o-war with a tiger

The small bullet is a .50 BMG, the larger one is the 20MM rifle round

A 1992 Jaguar xj220

This is what happens when you go 84,000 miles without an oil change

Vancouver Police dog learning to rappel with his partner

Royal Swedish Cruiser Gota Lejon, “The Gothic Lion” fully Camouflaged during War Time

Tattoo of Bekah Miles, diagnosed with depression. From our perspective it reads “I’m fine” but from her perspective it reads “save me.”

Eagles Of Death Metal Bataclan Concert, BEFORE the Attack Photob by Manuwino

When Paris turned out its lights, the rest of the world turned them on.

A Lotus C-01 (designed by the same guy as the Tron light cycle)

All Natty Bro!

Redwoods trees are massive!

Flight deck of the space shuttle Endeavor

Han Solo – Then and Now

Top hat worn by Abraham Lincoln the night he was shot

Christie Brinkley Found the Fountain Of Youth…She is 61 Years Old!

Robert Downey Jr. Dressed Like a Tiger to Invite a 7-Year-Old Cystic Fibrosis Patient to the Captain America: Civil WarPremiere

The puppeteers who brought Jabba the Hutt to life in ROTJ and two diagrams of how they did it

“Full Metal Jacket” poster showing all the main characters getting their boot camp buzz cut

A casting mold for a wind turbine blade

Daughter 18, Mother 36

Can you name all the famous musicians in this photo?

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