Pics That Are So Poignant and Fascinating (46 pics)

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Russia gifts France a police puppy to replace dog killed in anti-terrorist raids

This is Diesel, a 7 year old Belgian Malinois who was a member of an elite French anti-terror unit. Sadly Diesel was killed during a raid, where he died scouting a potentially dangerous situation from the blast of a female suicide bomber.

As a gesture of solidarity and support, Russia has gifted the French Police with a little German Shepherd pup called Dobryna. Named after a Russian Knight, his name stands for Strength, Kindness, Valour and Selfless Help.

Michael Caine and wife Shakira Bakish circa 1970s

According to her wiki article:

“After seeing Baksh in a television advertisement for Maxwell House coffee, British actor Michael Caine became obsessed with finding the woman he considered to be ‘the most beautiful… he had ever seen.'”

42 years later and he is still married to her!

Joanna Jędrzejczyk watching Ronda’s last fight with her team

Apparently Prostate Cancer is a Privilege Now (link to article)

Carnegie Hall offers free cough drops so you don’t disturb the performance

Stormtrooper dressing room for “The Force Awakens”

All the world’s aircraft carriers

Bataclan before the shootings

Shield used by the French police to enter the Bataclan

Members of the French Special Forces that entered the Bataclan

Obama sitting for his official portrait

A female Kurdish fighter destroys an ISIS sign with instructions on how women should dress, northeast Syria, November 2015

Two women fleeing extremist areas throws off her black abaya when reaching a safety checkpoint.

Marlon Brando before and after Don Vito Corleone makeup

The impressive results when in the 1980’s the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling was cleaned and restored to remove centuries of grime, dirt and grease

1975 letter from Carl Sagan to high school student Neil DeGrasse Tyson

This is how movies are delivered to your local theater.

This is a Peli 1300 flight case, which most hard drives containing the DCP (Digital Cinema Package) are shipped in.

Inside is a CRU DX115 caddy, which contains a standard Western Digital 500gb hard drive, Linux formatted in EXT3. Here, it is slotted into CRU’s accompanying Move Dock.

Depending on the theater’s set-up, the caddy (right) may slot straight into their server, and the files ingested (or in some cases, played directly from the hard drive without the need for them to be transferred). If the theatre is unable to slot the drive directly into their server, the Move Dock is a separate external dock that allows the drive to be connected to the server via a USB or SATA connection.

Beneath the caddy are all the necessary cables for the move dock to work. The theatre should already have these, but we like to include them so as to make sure they’re on hand if required. Our power adapter is currently awaiting replacement, after it made a rather loud bang and started giving out smoke the last time it was plugged in.

And finally, this is the contents of the DCP folder, as viewed on a Mac. It contains: Video (MXF) Audio (MXF) Packing List (XML) Composition Playlist (XML) Asset Map Volume Index And that’s how movies are shown at your local theater. If you’d like to check out Candlestick, it’s available now on DVD from Amazon, and to download from iTunes, Google Play, MGo and more. (Here endeth the shameless self promotion.)

This is how cashiers at a McDonald's in Taiwan dress.
Sigourney Weaver tests out the flame-thrower prior to filming "Alien" on the Shepperton Studios' backlot lawn, 1978. A remote switch was used to activate the lighter inside, and once lit, director Ridley Scott "liked to keep it that way."
Seahawks "fans" leave early, not allowed to watch the comeback.
Ruby Rose using a flame thrower at the 2015 VMAs.
Rare image of an iceberg that has flipped over.
Maurice Tillet, French Wrestler and the inspiration for Shrek.
Christopher Nolan's crude, clay model that was the inspiration for the Tumbler in "Batman Begins", final design by Nathan Crowley.
So this is gas station in Thailand!
Two komodo dragons facing off. Komodo dragons are the largest lizzards on the planet and can weight up to 70Kg and reach three meters in length.
Bruce Lee not doing martial arts.
The only surviving Ho 229 - German WW2 aircraft, the first pure flying wing powered by jet engines. 1944.
This is Dr Magdalena Ogórek, candidate for election as President of Poland.
A public work bench for your bicycle compete with tools and a QR code for common repair help!
Eddie's Wheels does awesome things for diabled dogs.
Curiosity's Latest Selfie.
Super Cool Concept.
Lady Gaga 100 percent Natural. No wigs. No Makeup. From her Instagram.
Paris from the Eiffel Tower.
Snow sculpture in China.
French Special Forces Operator, "GIGN"- The helmet is the MSA TC 500. Mounted on the front of the helmet is a Thales Group LUCIE Wide FOV Compact Night Vision Goggle. He is also wearing Peltor ComTac III Hearing Protection Communications headset, and a Petzl STRIX headlamp with IR strobe.
This is the last surviving rescue dog from the September 11th, 2001 attack, sitting at Ground Zero. She was 2 years old during that time and is 15 years old pictured. The rescue dogs at ground zero were upset and agitated by their failure to find survivors. Volunteers hid in the rubble so the dogs could find them. This raised the dogs spirits and allowed them to continue their efforts.
Korean airlines offer customers swatches to choose their cabin crews uniform colours.


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"Sylvie Cartman · Dompteuse de princes pas charmants at Au Pays Des Bisounours et des licornes magique
#10 Lots of people in this picture are dead, it's completely unrespectful for the families to show it !"

I disagree, they look so happy in the picture. It's best to remember them that way.
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