Useful Tricks and Tips for Surviving Winter (15 pics)

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Use car mats for traction If your wheels are sticking in the snow and you can’t rock or drive out, go ahead and use your car mats. They’ll give your tires something to grip onto so they can move.
Put plastic bags over your side mirrors This will keep those tiny mirrors from freezing over.
Make a handy de-icer Use this solution to get rid of ice on your windshield real quick. You’ll be in your car and toasty warm in no time at all!
Make your own mittens Use old sweaters to cut a mitten-shape out and sew it together for custom mittens that look and feel nice.
Create your own beverage cooler If you find yourself snowed in, just use the cold to your own advantage by creating a snow fridge for all your cold beverages. Anytime someone asks for a drink, just tell them to open the basement door and get their own.
Create a boot drying station No mom wants wet boots leaking all over her carpet or her freshly mopped floor. Using a cookie pan and river rocks, you can have a spot just for wet boots by the door.
Sock on the windshield Keep your windshield wipers from getting frozen by covering them with socks.
Toilet seat covers So, your little one doesn’t like to get up to pee in the middle of the night because it’s cold on her bum. Well, you can fix that with a cut-up t-shirt on the toilet.
Get yourself some warmer insoles Wool is warmer than your normal insoles and will keep your toes warm all season long.
Thaw your frozen lock Use a lighter to warm up your lock and key to make them fit again.
Keep those boots upright Use a pool noodle or an old beer bottle to keep boots up straight. Nobody likes getting bumps and lumps in their leather boots.
Make your own snow tires Zip ties make snow tires in a quick minute. This way, you can keep riding your bike in the snow to work or school, even when the roads and sidewalks are icy and slushy.
Get your own ice-defying agent Did you know that hand sanitizer has the ability to help you obliterate ice from your car? It keeps things, like car locks, from getting too iced over.
Get your heat back Radiate heat back into your living room by putting aluminum foil down behind the radiator. It will keep heat from seeping through walls.
Keep those windows warm Use bubble wrap to keep windows from losing heat. The bubble wrap will help keep your house nice and cozy through the winter time.


Fenrisulven 4 year s ago
#12 This may work on some road conditions but I suspect that the tire will slide sideways like before. I would recommend people to invest in a proper spike tire instead. I have a pair of Schwalbe ice spiker pro on my MTB. Good grip even on shiny and hard ice.

#7 This wont work here in fjord / coastal Norway. First it rains then a slow transition to snow as the temperature falls. When the clear skies and frost comes the socks will be part of an ice cube wrapped around the wipers.
Never underestimate the power of large crowds, of stupid people.
Bongfuhrer 4 year s ago
Another tip from icy Norway. Cover the windshield/screen with a blanket or towel when you park your car, and it will be free of ice and snow the next morning.
Khysiek 4 year s ago
#1 This is wrong side up of mat



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