Some Tips and Tricks for Making Your Road Trip a Breeze (25 pics)

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You can use a shower organizer to travel with kids by hanging it over the back of the seat

If you're parking somewhere unfamiliar, drop a pin on your GPS map so that you can find your way back

Have an emergency kit in your trunk filled with toilet paper, snacks, water, and a backup phone

If you see a truck slow down, you should too. Truckers usually communicate about speed traps so they probably know something you don't know.

Don't keep changing lanes. Studies have shown that even in the best scenario it will only give you a minimal advantage with a significant downside (your chances of getting in an accident skyrocket)

Inflatable beds for the pool make for great beds on a road trip (lay them on the back seat)

This may take slightly more mechanical skills, but to avoid getting conned by a mechanic, ask them about a part of the car you know is not in need of repair. This will tell you how legit they are.

To cool down a car without A/C, open the driver and passenger windows but leave the back windows shut. This will make the breeze a lot stronger

If you ever get motion sickness, you can tilt your head to the side to help it go away

Scratches on your car can sometimes be fixed with clear nail polish

An open box of dryer sheets in your car is longer lasting, cheaper, and more effective than cheap air fresheners

In case you're driving an unfamiliar car, the arrow next to the gas pump (on the speedometer) shows you which side the gas tank is on

To cool down a hot car quickly, roll down one window, walk to the other side of the car, and open/close the door several times

When you fill your tank, hold the trigger halfway. You will get less air and more gas in the tank.

If you ever get stuck in traffic, once again watch the trucks. They communicate with each other so they know which lanes are closed.

Many gas stations offer free air for your tires. This is always a good thing to do because having inflated tires increases gas mileage.

Whenever you rent a car, take pictures and video before using it so you don't get blamed for dents or scratches you didn't commit

To prevent your windows from fogging up, cut a potato in half, rub down the inside of your windows, and then leave them to dry

If you can't get a sticker off of your window, soak some newspaper in warm water and place it over the sticker for 10 minutes

An exit sign is positioned on the same side of the road as the exit

If you can see your own car in your mirror, the mirror is in a potentially dangerous position. To avoid having blind spots it's better not to have any part of your own car visible

On hot days, turn your steering wheel around 180 degrees whenever you park so that the top isn't hot when you come back

If you hold your car remote under your chin, it's range increases slightly. This might sound unbelievable but its true. Your head acts as a sort of "antenna extension" thanks to your skull and various fluids.

Drivers under 25 can have their surcharge waived if they are members of the USAA (registration is free)

You can use the floormats in your car for traction if you get stuck in the snow or mud


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oddbal 4 year s ago
Tip #1: PUT YOUR [email protected]#KING PHONE DOWN AND DRIVE!!!
Tip #2: See Tip #1



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