German Shepard Talks about It's Last Few Days of Life on Planet Earth (20 pics)

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Fair warning – grab your tissues.


“Hi, my name is Lena! Unfortunately, yesterday I started my forever nap. Don’t be sad, because I was a happy 15.5 years old! I want to share with you how I spent my last 24 hours. It was a lot of fun.”

“First of all, Merry Christmas to all of you out there. I always loved the holidays. It always meant new, awesome tasting foods for me, and of course toys. I’m disappointed I won’t see one this year, but loved the ones I did have.”

“I spent a lot of time doing this this past weekend, as I waited for all of my friends to come visit. I loved seeing people make the walk up to our house!”

“During my last day, my dad and I both thought a lot about all the times we had, including fun trips to Moab…”

“Hiking and disc golfing…”

“And of course time with my family. I love my mom and dad!”

“Part of my happy time in my last day came from cuddling. I loved giving kisses, even to my Dad’s rough beard.”

“I loved Mom’s lap. I will miss it soooo much!”

“My parents know I don’t like baths during them, but they know how happy I am afterwards to be clean and smelling great. Must do before your forever nap. 10/10, would recommend.”

“I’m just happy they aren’t using the blow drier.”

“This is Aspen, my cousin. It was great to have a visit from her, although I look so tired. I can’t explain it, but I was just so exhausted towards the end.”

“I guess Chloe might be called my Aunt, but that feels weird because I was older than her. Whatever the case, I loved having her around. I missed running around and playing with her like I used to.”

“I love my granny more than anyone. She took care of me a lot of the time when my Mom or Dad wanted to be irresponsible. She was awesome to the very end.”

“There were many kisses. This one from Dad was on the couch. I was rarely allowed on the couch. I think my cuteness finally wore my Mom and Dad down.”

“I told you I love being on my Mom’s lap. I will miss this.”

“I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I enjoyed eating Max’s food. What a sucker! This is also something I was never allowed to do. I think because it was one of the few things I had an appetite for towards the end that my Daddy gave it to me. It was awesome. Eat your heart out, Max!”

“Well, not exactly steak… My Mom and Dad didn’t think I could handle steak anymore (I think they were right, boo). Instead I got the next best thing: beef baby food. It was perfect, and my Mommy even hand fed it to me.”

“I somehow found the energy for one last trip to the park. It was a lot of fun, although I couldn’t play long as I get tired really fast.”

“There was time for one last family picture as well. I wish my Daddy didn’t look so sad.”

“This is me loaded for my final car ride. Quite the striking profile I know. I wasn’t happy it was my last, but I was ready for it. I served my Mom and Dad as the greatest companion that anyone could ever know. Knowing that I leave with pride and confidence.”


Haikiri 4 year s ago
Hmmm, the dog doesn't seem to be dying. Did they kill the dog or is it going to space?
babaroga73 4 year s ago
That should be done with old people too, shouldn't it ?



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