A Fascinating Projection of What Americans Will Look Like by 2050 (25 pics)

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In the modern world, ethnicities are merging at a rapid rate and many people are now the product of a mixed race heritage. National Geographic took a look into what they believe the average American will look like in 2050 and it is truly enlightening.


Kelly Williams II, 17, Dallas, Texas

Self-ID: African American and German/multiracial

Census Boxes Checked: black

Sandra Williams, 46, Chicago, Illinois

Self-ID: biracial/“human being”

Census Boxes Checked: black

Daisy Fencl, 3, San Antonio, Texas

Parents’ ID for her: Korean and Hispanic

Census Boxes Checked: has not yet been counted

Christopher Braxton, 33, Brooklyn, New York

Self-ID: half African American, half Korean/Blasian

Census Boxes Checked: black/Korean

Maya Joi Smith, 9, Cary, Illinois

Self-ID: black and Asian/Korean and African American

Census Boxes Checked: black

Ariel Toole, 14, Chicago, Illinois

Self-ID: mixed race/multiracial

Census Boxes Checked: white/black/Vietnamese

Tevah Jones, 22, Grants Pass, Oregon

Self-ID: Trinidadian American/colored

Census Boxes Checked: white/black

Solomon Hsiang, 29, San Francisco, California

Self-ID: Chinese and Jewish eastern European

Census Boxes Checked: white/Chinese

Jesse Lee, 32, New York, New York

Self-ID: half Chinese, quarter Swedish, quarter French

Census Boxes Checked: Chinese

Joshua Ahsoak, 34, Anchorage, Alaska

Self-ID: Jewish and Inupiat Eskimo/“Juskimo”

Census Boxes Checked: Alaska Native

Jakara Hubbard, 28, Monee, Illinois

Self-ID: mixed

Census Boxes Checked: white/black

Gabriela Guizzo, 5, Rockville Centre, New York

Self-ID: “A little of everything”

Census Boxes Checked: white/Japanese

Hosanna Marshall, 32, New York, New York

Self-ID: African American, Native American, white, and Jewish

Census Boxes Checked: black

Helen Robertson, 54, Los Angeles, California

Self-ID: English

Census Boxes Checked: white/Asian

Jacob Benavente, 5, Torrance, California

Self-ID: American

Census Boxes Checked: Asian/native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander

Harold Fisch, 23, Austin, Texas

Self-ID: eastern European, Puerto Rican, Jewish, Texan

Census Boxes Checked: other

Lula Newman, 7, New York, New York

Self-ID: Chinese, Indonesian, German, Polish, Welsh

Census Boxes Checked: white/Chinese/other Asian

Oona Wally, 25, Brooklyn, New York

Self-ID: Chinese and Jewish/Caucasian

Census Boxes Checked: white/Chinese

Cameron Benjamin, 22, Los Angeles, California

Self-ID: Hawaiian, Chinese, and Caucasian

Census Boxes Checked: white/Chinese/native Hawaiian

Mars Wright, 25, Austin, Texas

Self-ID: mostly Filipino and black

Census Boxes Checked: black/Filipino

Mariyam Nayeri, 33, Brooklyn, New York

Self-ID: Mexican and Saudi

Census Boxes Checked: some other race

Alexander Sugiura, 27, Brooklyn, New York

Self-ID: American, ethnically Jewish

Census Boxes Checked: Japanese

Yudah Holman, 29, Los Angeles, California

Self-ID: half Thai, half black

Census Boxes Checked: other Asian

Themba Alleyne, 30, Los Angeles, California

Self-ID: multiracial/“I check every box.”

Census Boxes Checked: white/black/American Indian/Asian Indian/Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander

Adrian Adrid, 24, Haleiwa, Hawaii

Self-ID: white

Census Boxes Checked: white/Filipino


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Fenrisulven 5 year s ago
2050 is way to early (just a couple of generations). 2150 sounds more realistic.
Never underestimate the power of large crowds, of stupid people.



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