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Kick-Ass Home Theater Setup For Less Than $200 (38 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome   9 Feb 2016   / 6374 views

A college student built this impressive budget home cinema in the basement. Here's a step by step instruction of how he did it.


He picked a spot in the basement and walled it off with curtains.

Then he built the screen. He took some ply wood and painted it white and then mounted it onto a frame.

He mounted it to a pair of beams running through the ceiling, The rope was rated to hold 120lb and the wood weighed 30lb.

The finished product so far; a very decent home projection system. But he wasn’t done yet.

He added a double decker couch to accommodate his viewers. He placed the couch onto an inverted bed frame.

With some leftover eye-hole screws he added a hammock, and he stress tested to up to 220lb.

To add a touch of “class” he threw a black curtain up behind the screen.

He installed a surround sound setup.

Hiding the front left and front right speakers underneath the screen frame. Hidden from sight.

He added a lit path to help his viewers find their way from the stairs to the theater.

He added a projection station by using a board and more rope. To get the angle right took some time.

He added a little mood lighting with a remote controlled LED light.

Credits: imgur.com

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mynona 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
only $200 if you already have a projector and a surround-sound system ;-)