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Astounding Photos Of Days Long Passed (40 pics)

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Great moments in history captured in these amazing pictures from back then.


The shortest, tallest, and fattest European playing poker in 1913.

Jerry Seinfeld on the first day of filming "Seinfeld" - April 27, 1989.

Grace Kelly on vacation in Jamaica, 1955.

Commander Neil Armstrong making pizza at his home a few months before walking on the moon (1969).

James Dean making sure it's perfect in a New York Barbershop, 1955.

Gamer chicks at a game arcade.

Marilyn Monroe, 1950.

Peter Grant, the legendary manager of Led Zeppelin (1970s).

Bill Murray dancing with Gilda Radner at Studio 54 in 1978.

Uma Thurman's mother, a model in the 60s.

A couple posing for a photograph circa 1900.

Elvis Presley riding a bike, stops to sign autographs for fans in Germany in 1959.

Headphones, 1920s.

Russian man feeding a polar bear and his cubs with milk, 1973.

Tanya Roberts on a skateboard, 1970s.

Diana Ross, Elton John and Cher at the Rock Music Awards, 1975.

1861 girl.

MLK doing a trick shot, 1966.

A man browsing for books in Cincinnati's cavernous old main library. The library was demolished in 1955.

The last known Tasmanian Tiger photographed in 1933. The species is now extinct.

Using banknotes as wallpaper during hyperinflation, Germany 1923.

U-118, a World War One submarine washed ashore on the beach at Hastings, England.

The Flying Tigers over China, 1942.

The first photograph upon discovery of Machu Picchu, 1912.

Maori Battalion dances haka in Egypt, 1941.

Lucky British soldier shows off his damaged helmet, 1918.

Underwater detonation of 15 kiloton nuclear weapon.

Germans testing a Messerschmitt Bf 109 E3, 1940.

Erwin Rommel helps to push his stuck staff car somewhere in Northern Africa, 1941.

Female Viet Cong warrior, 1972.

Control room of the U-Boat submarine, 1918.

British tanks maneuvering trenches during the Battle of Cambrai, the first use of tanks in mass, France, 1917.

B-32 Bomber Factory in Fort Worth, Texas 1944.

James Earl Ray, Martin Luther King’s assassin, being led to his cell after his arrest in London, 1968.

A young private waits on the beach during the Marine landing at Da Nang, Vietnam, 1965.

Adenauer returned to Cologne after he negotiated the release of the last 10,000 war prisoners with the Soviet government, 1955.

Adolf Eichmann walks around the yard of his cell, Israel 1961.

Aleksandra Samusenko- the only female tank officer in the 1st Guards Tank Army.

Two German soldiers and their mule wearing gas masks in WWI, 1916.

A rare shot of a young Winston Churchill, 1895.

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