Epic Images That Are Truly Fascinating (50 pics)

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WWE’s Daniel Bryan and his wife backstage moments after he announces his early retirement due to concussions

The Human Eye vs. Galaxies

140 year old mom with her 5 day old son

Bruce Lee’s grave in Seattle

Men’s Fashion 1660

The best way to watch Jaws

New BMW 7 series key

Grandmother, mother, daughter

Alex Trebek’s viewpoint while hosting “Jeopardy”

Dad came back from war

Rammstein Throws Epic Concerts

Swedish McDonalds

Larry David with his neighbor Kramer in the 1970’s 

Seinfeld co-creator Larry David lived across the hall from Kenny for six years, just as the character ofJerry Seinfeld did from Cosmo Kramer in the show. The two lived in Manhattan Plaza, a federally assisted apartment complex for performing artists in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City.[4] David said that Kramer was a little bit eccentric and would be a good character to have on the show. Many of the traits of Kenny Kramer, such as the obsession with golf, fruit, hot tubs, taking things out of the refrigerator and coming up with strange ideas and inventions, were featured in the show.

This Is The Most Expensive Photograph In the World $6.5 Million

“Phantom” – A photograph by Australian photographer Peter Lik, was sold to a private collector for a staggering $6.5 million. The black and white image shows a beam of light resembling a ghost, and was captured at Arizona’s Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon that’s popular among landscape photographers.

The dream match up we never got to see in a final

“Sports Illustrated” Put A Plus-Size Model On The Cover For The First Time

When your plans of world domination are near complete

Plastic Surgery Blamed for Making All Miss Korea Contestants Look Alike

Plastic Surgery is hugely popular in South Korea. According to one estimate, in 2011 13 million operations were performed on a population of just 50 million.

500 Year Old Oak Tree

Return of the Jedi poster in the Soviet Union (1990)

Kurt Cobain handwritten list of his top 50 albums

Ryan Reynolds and the marketing team for Deadpool

Ridiculous Parking Sign In Los Angeles

How Every Parking Sign Should Be

Paul McCartney at Ringo Starr’s wedding, 1981

The Gracie garage in 1978 where Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was first introduced to the U.S.

Comedians watching Dave Chapelle from the wings

The hellish mines of the 1980s Brazilian gold rush

3 siblings picking up their daily allowance of bottled water from the Fire Dept in Flint, MI

This is what Disney World’s solar farm looks like from the sky

Bella and her trainer at the Nebraska State Penitentiary. Second Chance Pups program

This guy was spotted wandering round with a (POS) device. All he has to do is key in a price less than £30 and then touch the device on the pocket that contains your wallet and you’ve just been charged automatically on your touch pay enabled credit/debit card

Cruise ship during construction

Lineman college Oroville, CA

The first teleprompter to be used by a U.S. president (Dwight D. Eisenhower).

What underfloor heating looks like.

The inside of a cotton candy factory.

A closeup shot of a snail consuming a water droplet.

A space shuttle flying through the air while being carried by a 747.

Ivy that grew on the side of the building into the shape of a tree.

A packet of Japanese Kit-Kats that are meant to be baked.

Long hair that goes past her feet!

Several crabs everywhere.

A man achieving a headstand on a frozen lake.

The inside of a tank.

A ball made out of binder clips.

People crossing bridges in India at the Maha Kumbh Mela.

The stalk of a tomato grown out to look like a headless human.

A mushroom growing on top of another mushroom.

A wind so powerful that it is affecting an entire tree.


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#8 They must be capable of taking off their father's gene.
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#49 unfortunately a fake.



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