The List Of Cities Where It Is Great To Live In (24 pics)

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Here's a list of cities with the best quality of life in the world made by HR Consultancy firm Mercer. Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey was calculated for 2016 and includes data from 450 cities around the world. The survey takes into consideration safety, political and cultural environments, job opportunities, cleanliness, and some other factors.


Montreal, Canada.

Commerce. Finance. Technology. French accents. Montreal’s got it going on.

Perth, Australia.

Gorgeous beaches and a super low unemployment rate of 4.1% makes Perth ones of the best places to call home in Hugh Jackman-land.

Brussels, Belgium.

Safe, clean, loaded with amazing restaurants, museums and national parks, not to mention this place looks like a children’s story book town. The best part? This is where Jean Claude Van Damme is from. Sign. Me. Up.

Stockholm, Sweden.

Boasting a great work, life, safety, and environmental balance, Stockholm gives Sweden something else to boast about other than cheap furniture and horse-meatballs.


This little ass country borders France, Germany, and Belgium, so there’s the benefit of being exposed to a ton of different cultures. Crime is also super low, and the country’s extremely rich due to its hush-hush finance laws. So it’s basically like living in that scene from Wolf of Wall Street where Leo talks to that dude from The Artist.

Hamburg, Germany.

This city’s becoming a hotspot of growing media and industrial companies, and houses the world’s second oldest bank: Berenberg. It also is the root for the word, “Hamburger”, so there’s always that.

Ottawa, Canada.

This is Canada’s most educated city, which is saying something. It’s unemployment is also super low and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Melbourne, Australia.

Yo Australia, look at you getting another city on the list? Melbourne has got itself mad education, healthcare, research, and development opportunities, not to mention a booming tourist and entertainment sector to keep the city flush with dough.

Toronto, Canada.

If only Canada didn’t get so damn cold, then I’d want to enjoy Toronto and all of its financial awesomeness: it’s a super, super rich city.

Bern, Switzerland.

With an unemployment rate of only 3.3%, a ranking of second safest city in the world, a burgeoning tech sector that’s constantly getting new talent, it might be worth heading over to the land of chocolate to feel the Bern.

Berlin, Germany.

Tons of job opportunities, a super high housing standard, safety out the wazoo, and more recreational activities than your lazy ass knows what to do with, Berlin’s got it going on.

Wellington, New Zealand.

Wellington isn’t just the name of a tasty beef pastry dish, it’s also a city with pretty much the best weather in the world all year round with a ridiculously awesome standard of living.

Amsterdam, Netherlands.

All right I know what you’re thinking: must be great to get stoned AF and ride bikes, right? Well true, you can do that in Amsterdam, but this city’s also a huge financial hub where you’ll enjoy a high standard of living and great job opportunities, along with a relaxing attitude.

Sydney, Australia.

This city accounts for 7% of the country’s total economy and 22% of all its workers. It’s cultural scene is growing every day, and it boasts a gorgeous environment that blends natural and urban elements.

Copenhagen, Denmark.

Want to live in the happiest place on earth? Fine, then move here, because in Copenhage, work-life balance is valued above all. Plus, awesome little boats. So freaking cool.

Geneva, Switzerland.

Geneva isn’t just a setting for late 1800s romance novels, it’s also home to some of the richest and most educated people in the world. It’s also hella safe, which is probably why people feel so comfortable doing crazy sh*t like in the photo above.

Frankfurt, Germany.

It’s all about the benjamins for Frankfurt: the city makes a crap load of money and is a world financial leader. Not to mention all the best trade shows take place there.

Dusseldorf, Germany.

A worldwide leader in the fashion and art industries, and scores high marks on all of Mercer’s important factors.

Vancouver, Canada.

Seriously, Canada, stop having so many awesome cities. It’s starting to make everyone look bad. Vancouver’s quality of life is through the roof, not to mention it’s super ethnically diverse: 52% of the population’s first language isn’t English.

Munich, Germany.

This list should just be called “Why Germany and Canada Are The Freaking Best.” Munich has super low unemployment rates and is quickly becoming a technology powerhouse.

Auckland, New Zealand.

Two large harbors. Well-balanced economy with a diverse number of industries. Pristine environment. Insanely safe. Why aren’t you living here yet?

Zurich, Switzerland.

Zurich’s an incredibly expensive city to visit…but it also offers a ridiculously high standard of living for its citizens. Jobs pay well. There’s tons of them and the government takes care of its people. Not to mention it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Vienna, Austria.

Ranked as the #1 city to live in 7 years in a row, Vienna’s clean, safe, offers amazing jobs, a high standard of living, and is just pretty much the best place in the world.

Paterson, NJ

LOL JUST KIDDING. Paterson’s a bleak-looking hell hole riddled with an ever-growing heroin trade, a laughably incompetent public school system, and all for a high cost of living without any real job growth unless you’re an aspiring drug dealer or business owner who earns the majority of their money through tax fraud.

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