These Parents And Their Kids Look More Like Identical Twins (66 pics)

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My Mother And I, Both Age 25

Father And Son. Same Age, Same Shirt

Father And Son. Both 20 Years Old

My Dad In 1978, Me In 2013

My Father Passed When I Was 4, But People Always Told Me That I Looked Like Him

My Dad In 1976 And Me In 2012

My Husband And His Grandfather

Mother & Daughter

My Mom Is On The Left With Her First Born Son 41 Years Ago And Me On The Right With My First Born Son Today

My Dad And His Friend 30 Years Ago Vs Me And His Son Today

My Dad At 29 With Me At 2 Weeks. Me At 29 With My Boy At 2 Weeks

Mom And Daughter

My Mom Aged 26 And Me Age 23

Mom And I Aged 16

Father & Son

My Mom And I. Same Age, Different Century

Just A Picture Of Me And My Dad. One Dated 1991 The Other 2013

My Son (right) And Me (left) At 3.5 Years Old With 37 Between Photos

Here's A Picture Of My Mom And I Around The Same Age

My Mom And I. Same Dress, Same Age, 25 Years Apart

My Son And I In High School 40 Years Apart

Thirty Years Apart. My Dad Age 21, Me Age 22. Same Shirt, Same Guitar

Myself On The Left And My 13-year-old Daughter, Madison, On The Right

This Is Me, Age 38, Not Holding A Photo Of My Dad, Aged 33

Here's A Picture Of My Mother Who Died Of Cancer And Me Around The Same Age

Mother And Daughter

Recreated Old Photo Of My Dad Holding Me In 1983, Now Me Holding My Son 2014

My Dad And Me At The Same Age

Dad And I Turn 60

Father And Son (1980 & 2008)

My Dad And I, And My Son And I

Dad And 7 Months Old Me, Me And My 7 Months Old Son. I Wish Dad Could Have Lived To Meet My Boy

My Son Joe Age 21 And Me 35 Years Ago

My Husband At 17 My Son At 16 And

Me At 30 And My Dad At 30. Slight Resemblance

My Mom And I At Same Age Of 24. I Look So Much Like Her

Mom And Me At The Same Age

Mother And Daughter

Same Kimono, Same Age, And Same Dna. My Mother In 1976 And I In 2011

Me And My Son (2016 - 1985)

My Mom & I

Mother And Daughter

Me And My Daughter At 19

Mother And Daughter Both At Age 30

Me In 1978 And My Daughter 2012 Both Age 20

Dad And I Aged 40

My Daughter And I Around 9m Both

Just A Different Side Part... Me (in Pic) At 10, My Daughter At 10

My Son And I Both At The Age Of 9

My Mother On The Left, Me On The Right. Both On Christmas Day In Polka Dots. Not Intentional.

Me And My Mom. She's 23 And I'm 33 In This Pic

Me And My Son- 1988 And 2015

This Is Me And My Dad Both At The Age Of 20, Sitting In The Exact Same Place

My Sister Next To Our Mom At Same Age

Mom And Me... Through The Years

Me & Mom Same Age. I See Where I Get This Face From

Mom At 27 And Me At 30. Genetics Are Crazy!

Me (6) 1985 & My Son (6) 2013

My Son At 3.5 Years Old In 2016 And My Husband At 3.5 Years Old In 1980

Myself And My Dad At Similar Ages

Mom And I- Now I See We Look Alike

My Dad And Me, Both At Around Age Of 24. Funny Thing Is We Are Both Non-smokers :)

Everyone Say I Look Like My Mother. Do You Think?

My Son And I, 30 Years Apart, Both 5h Or 6th Grade School Ictures

Mother (me) 38 And My Son 13

Me And My Dad. Slightly Different Ages And Angles.


birdman 4 year s ago
#10... Funny, the friend on the left in the first picture, looks a lot more like both of the sons in the second picture than his friend on the right does to either... !! ??
birdman 4 year s ago
I take that back, the teeth are the giveaway



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