Astounding Photos Of Days Long Passed (58 pics)

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Serial killer John Wayne Gacy poses with First Lady Roslynn Carter. This picture would become an embarrassment for the Secret Service as the pin Gacy is wearing indicates security clearance. 1978

Marshland in front of the Lincoln Memorial, near the Potomac River, in 1917. Work is underway to turn this site into the 2,000-foot-long reflecting pool.

Monopoly board created by POWs held captive in the Philippines by the Japanese during WWII

Arthritis-ridden Renoir painting flowers at his garden, circa 1910’s

Vietnam War 1965

Trench Warfare. Photo taken by an official British photographer during WWI, 1917

Carving George Washington into Mount Rushmore – 1932

Jesse Owens crosses the finish line in Berlin to win the 100-meter sprint August 3 1936

Salvador Dalí on a carriage drawn by his goat, 1953.

Newly liberated inmates at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp chase down and beat a former kapo (a prisoner assigned by the SS guards to supervise forced labor in the camp). Kapos were picked for their brutality towards fellow prisoners and received additional privileges, 16 April 1945.

Typical grocery store queue in Vilnius (the capital of current Lithuania), 1990, USSR consumer goods shortage

Disneyland’s “Rocket to the Moon”, 1967

Citizen Kane premiere, 1941

Ty Cobb “sliding” into home – 1920

Heavyweight Boxing Champ Jack Johnson & wife, 1910s

German Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) tank neatly shot through the barrel – Belarus 1941

The identification card of Anny Horowitz, a French Jewish girl murdered in Auschwitz, 1940

Ann-Margret on a Triumph, 1960s.

This is nowhere near a Go-Pro, 1960.

Female air traffic controller.

Frank Sinatra being told by the President to stop dancing with the First Lady, Nancy Reagan.

A Texas cowboy playing with his kittens. 1949.

Grace Kelly, 1949.

Baseball player Satchel Paige, Harlem, 1941.

Rita Hayworth being dressed in a 30 pound, $250,000.00 dress made of pearls in 1940.

The Diamond T Doodlebug in 1935.

Paul McCartney at Ringo Starr’s wedding, 1981.

A very unusual portrait of a Victorian lady, circa 1840.

Jim Carrey at age of 19. [1981]

Cybill Shepherd, 1976.

Henry Rollins, 1983.

Steven Spielberg and a very young Christian Bale, 1986.

Sharon Tate, 1965.

Nikola Tesla sitting in his Colorado Springs lab (1900s).

Marilyn Monroe without makeup in New York, 1955.

Zsa Zsa Gabor & Buster Keaton at the Moulin Rouge (1959).

Angelina Jolie's mother, Marcheline Bertrand (1977).

Perhaps the oldest known selfie that was taken in 1839

This photo was taken in 1900 when the woman was mid-sneeze

Young McCartney taking a mirror selfie in 1959

Hitler practicing his speeches while standing in front of a mirror in 1925

A mildly scary swimming mask designed for protecting the entire mouth of women from the sun. (1920)

The original Winnie The Pooh with Christopher Robin in 1927

On the sets of Batman in 1966

Popular as Little Nap, the “Napoleon of the Chimpanzee World” is a circus chimp who became a renowned tourist attraction in 1915

A mannequin on the atomic bomb testing site of Nevada; picture taken in the 1950s

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Chickenthief 4 year s ago

45000 tons is almost 100 million pounds.
In other words the weight of a fair sized aircraft carrier.



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