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Women's Beauty In Retro Postcards From 1900-1910 (55 pics)

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Luzon Woman From The Philippines

Japan Female-warrior

Gypsy Girl With Mandolin

Anna May Wong Was The First Chinese American Movie Star, And The First Asian American Actress To Gain International Recognition

Young Algerian Girls

Lily Elsie, English Actress And Singer

Rita Martin

Berberian Girl

Unknown Lady With Book

Anna Pavlovna Was A Russian Prima Ballerina

Queen Mary Of Romania

Agnes Ayres Was An American Actress Who Rose To Fame During The Silent Film Era

Unknown Young Lady In Traditional Dress

Nepaly Lady

Unknown Lady With Book

Unknown Japanese Woman With Umbrella

Unknown Lady With Book

Louise Derval

Gabrielle Ray Was An English Stage Actress, Dancer And Singer

Sisters From The Philippines In The 20's.

Unknown Japanese Lady With Long Hair

Miss Valli Valli

M. Thermonde

Unknown Gypsy Girl

Unknown Tonkin Lady With Big Hat

Carolina “la Belle” Otéro Was A Spanish-born Dancer, Actress And Courtesan

Unknown Lady With Long Hair

Young Vietnamese Woman With Sword


Princess Viktoria Luise Von Preußen

Unknown Japanese Woman With Umbrella

Two Pretty Young Ladies

Tamil Girl

Unknown Lady With Big Hat

Unknown Lady, Vintage Erotica

Cambodian Girl

Beautiful Geisha

Unknown Lady With Flowers

Vesta Tilley Was A Star Of The English Music Hall Circuit For More Than Four Decades

Unknown Lady With Cigarette

Margaretha Geertruida Macleod Better Known By The Stage Name Mata Hari

Unknown Lady In Nice Dress

Two Unknown Young Ladies

Burmese Dancing Girl

Unknown Lady

Unknown Lady With Big Hat And Umbrella

Algerian Dancer

Matilda Alice Powles, An English Music Hall Performer


Russian Opera Singer Makarova

Young Japanese Lady

Tamil Girl From Ceylon

Georgette Delmare

Unknown Lady

Unknown Geisha

Vintage Erotica

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