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Those Who Say Children Are Our Future Didn't Stumble Upon These Pics (28 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor   8 Apr 2016   / 5011 views

Some of them are maybe our future, but others are a plain nightmare...


1. Kids then: On their way to a Britney concert in a limo.

Kids today: This girl is literally feeding yogurt to a poster.

2. Kids then: What a lovely group of friends.

Kids today: She got “married” to a Harry Styles cardboard cutout in a basement.


3. Kids then: NSYNC rules!

Kids today: Harry Styles threw-up here <3

4. Kids then: She is shedding a tear.

Kids today: She got hit by a car.

6. Kids then: L.A. <3 You Spice Girls

Kids today: You can mess upon our innocence.

7. Kids then: She got AJ a gift!

Kids today: She “saved” the piece of hair that touched Justin Bieber.

8. Kids then: Sorority squatting in their TRL shirts and long-ass denim skirts.

Kids today: Threatening to tear their own limbs off.

9. Kids then: Cheering for their fave band.

Kids today: Destroying Bibles.

10. Kids then: Cute sign!

Kids today: Wait, what?

11. Kids then: This is sweet.

Kids today: This is torture.

12. Kids then: Look how excited they are!

Kids today: Look how much they “know.”

13. Kids then: She wrote NSYNC on her head.

Kids today: He made a tribute about Justin Bieber’s vomit.

14. Kids then: Patiently waiting for an autograph.

Kids today: No chill whatsoever.

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redletter85 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Fun Fact: You can make anything look like crap with a simple juxtaposition of worst examples VS best examples. I guarantee you there were kids 10-20 years ago behaving just as idiotically, we just didn't have a camera in every pocket to capture it.