What It Is Really Like To Live In Alaska (57 pics)

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The indigenous population of Alaska is made up of Aleuts, Indians and Eskimos who work really hard to have things they need for living. They live with beautiful nature surrounding them and giving them essential food. So, an integral part of their life is hunting and fishing.


A Yupik child stands on a wooden walkway used to help cross unstable ground

The village of Newtok, connected by a network of boardwalks, seen from a plane

Yupik children play in Newtok during summer vacation

Children run on wooden sidewalks—created so people don’t sink into the melting permafrost

Newtok homes situated among swampy ground, ponds, and tall grass

Erosion on the shore of the Ninglick River in Newtok, photographed

Buildings sit in newly established Mertarvik, the future location of Newtok village

Newtok residents check out the future location of their village

Jamin Tom takes his family to see his parents by way of a four-wheeler with a trailer attached

A Yupik girl rides her bike late in the evening

A puppy sits next to a walrus skull and a chainsaw in Newtok

A destroyed snow machine sits in the grass in Newtok

A Yupik family eats a meal of salmon that is half-dried, then smoked and boiled

Jamin Tom attempts to ride his snow machine across a pond in Newtok

Yupik children help recover a snow machine, which sank when its owner attempted to drive across a pond

Yupik children play on their tablets in a one-room house in Newtok

Samuel John watches as his father, Joseph John Jr., gets soaked driving their boat while salmon fishing

Samuel John sits at the bow of his father’s boat while heading out to go salmon fishing

Joseph John Jr. relaxes with his son, Samuel John, age 8, while waiting for the tide to come in after a day of salmon fishing

Joseph John Jr. hauls in nets while salmon fishing

Strips of freshly caught salmon hang to dry

Boys play next to the freshwater-storage tank, one of the only places to get fresh water

Yupik children play during summer vacation in Newtok

Nathan Tom plays drums in his shed in Newtok

Noah Carl plays with guns while hanging out at his friend’s house in Newtok

A child rests on a piece of machinery during Fourth of July celebrations

Robert Page tracks a musk ox during a hunting expedition on Nelson Island

Eddie Lopez hunts for duck on Nelson Island

Eddie Lopez and Robert Page cook duck over a fire during a hunting trip on Nelson Island

The village of Newtok is seen from a plane in Newtok, Alaska. 

The marshy, tundra landscape surrounding Newtok is seen from a plane outside Newtok, Alaska. 

People walk down the elevated, raised wooden sidewalks - created so people don't sink into the melting permafrost

Joseph John Jr. collects fresh water for his family at the fresh water storage tank - one of the only places to get fresh water in town

Boys play on storage tanks for fuel

A boy hangs out on the front steps of his great-grandmother's house

Yupik children help recover a snow mobile, which sank when its owner attempted drive across a pond

Joseph John Jr. washes freshly caught salmon with his son, Jeremiah John, while waiting for the tide to come in

Yupik men head back to their village after a day of salmon fishing

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Shawouin 6 year s ago
Saying eskimos for inuits is like saying redskins for amerindians.
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#44 On vacation in the jungle?



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