Epic Images That Are Truly Fascinating (44 pics)

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Father of 7 leaves Wife and kids to live as a 6 y/o girl named Stefoknee

John Boyega is a good dude

Cast having a smoke break with Kubrick on the set of “2001: A Space Odyssey”

The first FedEx delivery van, on display at the company headquarters in Memphis

Pretty victorian era woman getting photographed for the first time (1890’s)

Holocaust survivor salutes US soldier who liberated him from concentration camp

Kenya burns world’s biggest ivory stockpile worth $150m in conservation effort

Local artist, Rudolf Kohn, transformed a mangled car into an emoji as an anti texting & driving PSA in Miami

The Breguet No. 160 Grand Complication aka the Marie-Antoinette Watch, took two generations of watchmakers and 44 years to complete

Honest Canadian commuters. The workers were missing and the automatic gates were broken. This is the result

Cocaine smuggler

A copy of the Mona Lisa painted along side Da Vinci by his apprentice. Unlike the original, however, the paint was preserved showing what the famous painting would have looked like in 1517

Hairless chimpanzee, no wonder they are so lethal.

In Brazil a woman threatened to commit suicide so the bus drivers did this to prevent her

Photos of 90s Teens in their Bedrooms by Adrienne Salinger

Artist Franc Grom drilled nearly 20,000 tiny holes into this egg.

Chester E. Macduffee with his newly patented, 500 pound diving suit made of aluminum alloy in 1911.

The legendary Bob Marley with lover Miss World 1976 Cindy Breakspeare.

A diver swims alongside a Nomura's jellyfish. These sea creatures can weigh up to 440 lbs.

Japan is known for its square watermelons, but Hiroichi Kimura, a farmer from Kumamato Prefecture, grew and molded the first heart-shaped one.

These are how sugar crystals look like underneath a microscope.

Renown scientist Peter Tsou holds an aerogel cube. Nicknamed "frozen smoke," aerogels are actually translucent, synthetic solid-state substances. They're the world's lightest solid materials.

A storm strikes Toronto, 2008.

Can you guess the material used for this fabric? Audio cassette tapes.

Here's a photo of an MGM lion, Jackie, being recorded for the beginning of the films. There have been 7 different lions in this role.

Peer into the eye of a honey bee covered in dandelion pollen at 120x magnification.

he Woodstock Music Festival opens for the first time on August 14, 1969 in Bethel, New York.

Ethnomusicologist Frances Densmore records a Blackfoot chief with a phonograph in 1916.

14th century footwear.

A composite image of four rockets as they are being launched from NASA's Poker Flat Research Range in Alaska and into the aurora borealis.

At McGuire's Irish Pub in Pensacola, Florida, you'll find over a million autographed dollar bills hanging from the ceiling.

A beautifully braided mane.

If you're a hobbyist, make sure to check out the amazing work of Japanese artist Satoshi Araki. His dioramas are incredibly detailed, like you've never seen before!

Someone stole a 14-foot Royals player off a billboard in Kansas City

A baseball fan’s dream apartment. Apartments sit just outside the fence.

Gabi Garcia takes Sakuraba’s back

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birdman 5 year s ago
#7.. Oh... this makes so much sense! ...Lets see what happens to the value of gold or any other limited resource if we eradicate a sizable stash of it......... Genius



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