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Finally Women Will Be Able To Do These Things (23 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor   17 May 2016   / 4173 views

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Park their cars.

I’ve been driving round the block looking for a parking space for the last six years so this is a relief.

Listen to music.

At last, we can find out what the men have been talking about all this time!

Read books.

Don’t worry, they’re all about diets and how you can improve your terrible life.

Smoke weed.

Women, you can get high and still retain your ladylike charm!!

Write with pencils.

And you thought it was just pens!

Learn to play the ukulele.

I imagine it only teaches you how to play sad Joni Mitchell songs.

Hammer things.

Screw a shelf bracket to the wall ~femininely~.

Make their cars smell nice.

I guess the regular air freshener for dudes smells like whisky and guns.

Maintain their vehicles.

I wonder if vehicle maintenance for women is different to vehicle maintenance for men?

Play with Nerf guns.

Boys have had the monopoly on foam dart–shooting toy weapons for way too long!

Go fishing.

I guess it only catches lady fish?

Consume tuna spread.

Eat bread.

Normal bread is basically 100% testosterone. Probably.

Buy spinach.

Good news ladies, we can finally get some of that spinach men have been keeping for themselves all this time.

Consume alcohol.

Don’t you dare order a beer!

Drink from a hip flask.

And of course it’s glittery and more expensive than the one for men.

Punch things.

It has a “softer feel” for your delicate lady hands.

Play golf.

I’m pretty sure there’s exactly the same…

And buy golf balls.

Ladies: Don’t ever touch a regular golf ball, you have no idea what could happen.

Wear false moustaches.

I don’t know why, but I’m excited to have this opportunity.

Protect their hands from the harsh garden environment.

No more thorns in your hands, ladies!

And water their gardens.

But only the most feminine plants.

Block out the sound of the patriarchy.

Use them at parties when dudes are mansplaining your job to you.

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