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Cool Photos Of Our Favorite Celebrities Before They Hit It Big (19 pics)

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It's always interesting to see old pics of  stars in the beginning of their career.


Milla Jovovich eating at a diner in the early stages of her modeling career.

Steve Buscemi working as a New York City firefighter.

Frank Sinatra after being arrested.

Nicole Kidman promoting 1983 movie BMX Bandits.

A young Kurt Cobain practicing guitar.

Robin Williams in his senior year of high school.

Johnny Depp in his first movie role, Nightmare On Elm Street.

Brad Pitt (center, first row) with his childhood basketball team, the Cherokee Rejects.

Bob Marley in the early days of The Wailers.

Leonardo DiCaprio with his maternal grandmother.

A young Vin Diesel (when he still had hair!).

Robert Downey Jr. in his very first role, playing with a puppy in the movie Pound.

Bruce Willis posing for his high school yearbook photo.

Bill Clinton playing sax at home.

Michael Jordan goofing around in his (very clean) college dorm room.

Angelina Jolie working as a swimsuit model aged just 16.

George Clooney and his beloved pot-bellied pig, Max.

Jim Carrey in what he described as his “painfully shy” freshman years.

Arnold Schwarzenegger just hanging out at Oktoberfest in Munich.

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#5 That's not a guitar, that's a bass..

#14 ..which makes me impressed that the OP knew this is a sax..