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Dad Found A Great Way To Punish His Disrespectful Weed Smoking Son (3 pics + 2 gifs)

Posted in Random » Wow   9 Jun 2016   / 6033 views

Allan Gieger Jr. was tired of watching his teenage son “acting all thug” by smoking weed and being disrespectful with his friends...

Teen logic, amirite?...Sometimes a little tough love is necessary in a parent-child relationship and this dad had nothing but love for his kid when he decided to sell his car. “I’ve been having some issues with my son over the past year. I don’t want to see him struggle the way I did,” he told CNN in an interview. “Like every parent, we went through every avenue. We tried talking to him. I was tired of being embarrassed.”...

And while most parents try to discipline their kids with empty threats, Geiger Jr. was dead serious about selling his son’s pride and joy – his car – if he didn’t start changing his behavior. The 16-year-old, Allan Gieger III, must have had his doubts at first, but when the car sold on Craigslist in just under two hours, it all became very real...

Geiger Jr. also offered any local buyer a $250 discount just so his son would feel the pain of seeing his car from time to time being driven by someone else and remember “how good he had it.”...

What’s a little creative intervention to get your kid back on track? I would say it’s worth the price to have one less pot-smokin shithead in the world...Keep up the good work, dad...

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