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This Futuristic Version Of Rolls-Royce Drives Without A Steering Wheel (36 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars   27 Jun 2016   / 5318 views

Luxury vehicle manufacturer Rolls-Royce Motor Cars designed this futuristic concept car called the “Vision Next 100”. It is an on-going concept car as this is actually the third version that was designed and released in the Vision Next 100 program. Each of these new RR’s cars will be one of a kind and completely customized to its future owner’s needs. One of the particularities of the car is that it doesn’t have a steering wheel. The passengers will be telling the car where to go into a large OLED screen which is mounted on the front.

In addition, the interactive vehicle will store your favorite locations to learn your personal daily itinerary.

Based on this information, it will also make suggestions for similar destinations. If you traditionally go to Golden Corral, it may suggest to try Ponderosa for your next all-you-can-eat buffet experience.

The cars will have an ultra lightweight body with a high-performance 250kw electric motor. Its passengers will be silently wisped away to their destination.

The car produces zero-emissions.

The interior cabin is illuminated by hand-cut lead crystals.

Making a grand entrance is easy too.

When the car stops, passengers simply stand-up and the doors open. As this takes place, a red glow is projected to simulate a “red carpet” arrival.

Now for the customization options. Basically they’re limitless. The owner works with the designer to tweak the proportions and exterior design of the car. Are you tall, no problem…make the car bigger.

As for the interior options, the tough choices come from how to allocate the expensive materials. These materials include dark toned Macassar wood, soft silk upholstery and for your feet, it has carpet made from hand-twisted silk.

Price on this baby? Some where between $1 million to $1 billion dollars, depending on the final release date (note, this is a fictitious estimation from my Arthur Anderson accountants).

All my cry-baby-bitching aside, I’ll admit to the aspect of jealousy. If I had the means, I’d take one.

Then again, in a world of driverless cars…I’ll take the following below.

So, would you like to have it?

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thebbm 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
channax 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
If ... (one day in the future) I have Money to buy a RR,

I would NOT buy this piece of sh*t !
pitterpat 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
FFS thbbm and channax, it's a concept car. It's entire purpose is to showcase further advancements in engineering. It will never be on a showroom floor with any intentions of being sold to the public. Concept means abstract idea. If not for "concept" cars, we'd all still be walking on knuckles and relying on a square wheel. Power steering, air-conditioning, four-wheel drive, were all derived from concepts from "concept" vehicles.