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What Athens Olympic 2004 Venues Look Like Now (32 pics)

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Greece spent about $15 billion to stage the games and this is how the venues from the 2004 Athens Olympics look after 12 years of decay and abandonment.

The softball stadium.

A ruined fountain in the Olympic Village.

The Olympic beach-volleyball arena.

Weeds where the world's best volleyball players once competed.

Frogs live in the training pool at the Olympic Village.

A training pool is left murky at the Olympic Village.

A health hazard.

The field-hockey venue.

An archery target in a pile of crowd-control barriers.

Unused flagpoles above a dirty reflecting cool in the complex.

A rust-covered stairway at the Olympic Sports Complex.

The diving pool at the Olympic Aquatic Centre.

Broken concrete outside the Olympic taekwondo stadium.

The volleyball stadium has been fenced off.

Some of the abandoned venues are padlocked, or surrounded by barbed wire.

A broken clock at the abandoned Canoe/Kayak Slalom Centre.

Discarded posters with the Athens 2004 logo inside the Olympic Sailing Centre. The center is now used as a marina.

The rusty seats at the Olympic baseball stadium.

A closeup of the broken seats at the baseball stadium.

A statue outside OAKA Sports Hall.

The VIP walkway above the indoor pool.

Graffiti on the OAKA Sports Hall.

Fencing outside the OAKA Sports Hall.

Weeds grow around pay phones.

The empty promenade at the Olympic Sports Complex.

A swastika on the side of the bathrooms in the Olympic Sports Complex.

Graffiti on the front of the velodrome.

Weeds grow near a scoreboard at the Canoe/Kayak Slalom Centre.

The Olympic Canoe/Kayak Slalom Centre drained of water.

The overgrown stadium where the beach-volleyball competition was held.

A broken scoreboard at the Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Centre.

A chair stands in a swimming pool at the Olympic Village.

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