10. Emilia Clarke – $3 Million

Emilia Clarke is essentially a unicorn by the entertainment industry’s standard. For many actors, they struggle, often for decades, to get the kind of big break that they have always longed for. These actors will wait tables, tend a bar, or drive a cab just to make sure that their schedule is free enough to attend auditions and be able to work. This life can be gruelling and will dishearten even the toughest aspiring stars.

The other kind of actor is the one that grows up as a child star. These actors will star in some big hit movie or television show as a young child and make millions before they turn 18. The only problem is that many child stars do things like fill a swimming pool full of cocaine or steal a cop car for fun and ruin their lives in the process.

Emilia Clarke is neither of these kinds of actors. Attending school in the United Kingdom to help work on her dramatic acting, Clarke did not really start seriously acting until her teenage years. Then, GoT came calling and the whole game changed for her. Because she did not have to struggle for years and because she did not experience immediate success as a child, Emilia has managed to parlay the luck that came from GoT until a net worth of millions of dollars and a swimming pool free of coke.

Net Worth Of The “Game Of Thrones” Actors