You Can Find Pretty Much Anything In Vending Machines These Days (20 pics)

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Let’s start our list with one of the most luxurious ingredients we can find: caviar. Yes, you really can buy one of the world’s most expensive ingredients from a vending machine. An LA-based luxury machine will charge you up to $500 for an ounce of fish eggs. Luckily, it accepts credit cards.                                 
Have you ever expected to get a live crustacean from a vending machine? Well, it’s a possibility in China. The little critters are stored in plastic containers at 5⁰C (41⁰F), and sold for between $1.50 and $7.
Not every McDonald’s will be open to cater for your burger needs at 4am. The solution? A burger dispenser in the Netherlands that you can make sure you satisfy your burger craving at any time day or night.
In Japan, you’ll find a “portable garden” called the Chefs Farm. This vending machine is special as it actually grows 60 heads of lettuce per day, using fluorescent bulbs instead of sunlight. This vending machine is the farming of the future and it proves that, even if we become trapped in an eternal winter, we can still grow vegetables!
Hot dog
Do you ever wish your hot dog would be ready in under a minute? A Leon’s Grill machine promises just you’ll have your grilled hot dog vended out on a toasted bun faster than you can chant out the alphabet. And you won’t need to forgo the sauce either! Thank you America!
Raw milk
You can buy farm-fresh unpasteurized milk from machines all over Europe for around $1.30 a liter. The vending machine (pictured) dispenses empty containers on the right and you’ll get your fresh milk on the left.
Mashed potato
For the days you want mash potatoes in a hurry here’s Singapore’s instant mashed potato vending machine. Singapore’s 7-11 mash potato machines also give you a chance to top your mash with lots and lots of delicious gravy. It’s all for one dollar – heaven in a cup perhaps?
Pecan pie
This vending machine at Berdoll Pecan Farm in Cedar Creek, Texas will fulfill all of your pecan pie needs. As the south is said to love its pecans, it seems only fitting that you can purchase a whole baked pecan pie from a machine right outside the retail store. Give it a try, the Texans love it!
There seem to be a few of these claw machines around where you can catch your dinner then the establishment will cook it for you. Some places cook the lobster free of charge if you manage to catch one. If you want to enjoy this novelty, you'll need to travel to Las Vegas.
Draft beer
Beer is one of Japan’s most popular drinks, so it’s no wonder beer was introduced into their on-the-go lifestyle. Some machines offer you sake too!
French fries
Now we have the full complement of fast food vending machines to enjoy. You can find these machines worldwide, especially in Europe, America and Australia. Inside the machine are frozen potatoes (or pre-cut fries) which are then cooked at a high temperature to deliver your food to you in a matter of minutes. And you don’t have to pass on the sauce either!
Pizza vending machines have been around in Europe for a while, but Xavier University has recently released the first ever pizza machine in North America. Each 12-inch pizza only costs $12, and you can choose from pepperoni, veggie or cheese. It can only store 70 pizzas inside, so if you want a pizza after a crazy night out in Ohio you better get there fast!
To use these machines in Japan, shoppers simply insert cash and hand-select their eggs by opening one of the compartment doors. Unfortunately, with this kind of purchase, you only get one chance to pick the eggs you’d like. What do you do if they’re all broken?
This burrito kiosk will serve you up your freshly prepared burrito in 60 seconds. Talk about Speedy Gonzalez! You can choose from chicken, steak and vegan veggie burrito fillings, or you could pick between two types of breakfast burritos to start your morning off right. All that’s left to do is to garnish with sour cream, guacamole or salsa and you have yourself a vending machine burrito. The first burritobox was opened in California, but we're sure there will be more to follow.
Hot Nosh Kosher
Have you ever found yourself starving; craving for a bite to eat, but there are no kosher meals available anywhere? Fear not, Hot Nosh 24/6 machines in America have come to the rescue. You could grab a hot knish, some kosher mozzarella sticks, cheese pizza and onions rings. There are also hot dogs available, but not from the same machine of course, as that wouldn’t be kosher. Regardless, the machine products sound pretty tasty.
This nifty little machine is found in Tokyo’s Shibuya subway station, and it will dispense single bananas, or bananas in a bunch if you are particularly hungry. It would of course be cheaper to buy the bananas from a store (each bananas costs $1.50 from the machine!), but who can resist the novelty? Dole have even provided special bins so that you never cause a comical banana peel accident again.
Hot bread vending machine
Here we have a typical Dutch ‘automatiek’ machine which offers up warm bread 24/7. Automatieks are very popular around the Netherlands, and it’s common to eat a meal on the go. So when in the Netherlands, do as the Dutch do.
Bread in a can
Or if it’s not warm bread you want to buy, you can always grab some bread from a can. But this carby treat can only be found in Japan. Each can of bread costs $4 and flavors include chocolate chip, coffee and fruit.
Do you ever need a sugar fix? One that can only be put right by a cupcake? Fear no more, Sprinkles bakery is at your service. The 24-hour cupcake vending machine offers you the chance to buy your favorite iced cupcake, cupcake batter to bake at home, or some sweet treats for your pooch. The US machine has 760 cupcakes available at any one time and, with 20 varieties for you to drool over, there’s something for everyone.
An entire grocery store
This is the UK’s first “automated store”, a vending machine that sells everything from fresh milk and eggs to umbrellas and cat food. The Speedy Clifton (found in Clifton, Bristol), as it’s known, includes household necessities like a can of eight hot dogs, a six-pack of eggs, bacon and a pair of sticky toffee puddings.


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Offer 2 year s ago
#10 Draft beer is literally beer from the tap, usually sold in bars. What you have shown is tinned beer sold from a vending machine.



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