The Priciest Models Of Motorhomes (32 pics)

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A glimpse inside the million-dollar motor coaches. 

Newmar 2017 King Aire 4553 – $1 million
Renowned for quality and craftsmanship, American RV manufacturer Newmar has been making premium motorhomes for 50 years. This million-dollar beauty, the King Aire 4553, is the firm's flagship vehicle.
The new King Aire benefits from the latest auto tech, from Comfort Drive passive steering to tire pressure monitoring and HD side-window cameras. Inside, there's a partitioned 'cockpit', which leads into a spacious living area.
Perfect for moneyed foodies with itchy feet, the 2017 King Aire features a full-sized gourmet kitchen, complete with a stylish stainless steel sink, Fisher & Paykel dishwasher, compact oven and Whirlpool fridge-freezer.
The bedroom suite is decked out with exclusive fabrics from the Ralph Lauren Home Collection and boasts a 49” Sony 4K TV, Bose speaker system and Blu-ray player, not to mention motion-sensing mood lighting.
Foretravel 2017 ih-45 Quad Slide – $1.4 million
Established in 1967, Foretravel of Texas has built up a solid reputation manufacturing some of the world's most luxurious RVs. The ih-45 is the company's premium model, which rocks a premium price tag to match.
Completely customizable, interiors are fitted to the buyer's precise specifications, but a typical ih-45 is big on state-of-the-art tech and laidback luxury. The standard spec includes a 5.1 surround sound system, an iPad, Blu-ray player, LED lighting and smart automation.
The main living area nods to contemporary yacht styling and comes with a leather sofa, massage chairs and a kitchen with swish quartz countertops. The RV also has a proper china toilet and full-sized shower room.
Getting a good night's sleep on the road should be a piece of cake in this posh RV. The chic bedroom area is kitted out with a huge king size bed that features a dreamy Slumber Ease mattress and bespoke bedding.
Volkner Mobil Performance II – $1.5 million
German firm Volkner Mobil makes some of Europe's finest motorhomes and this stunner is its flagship model – the Performance II wows with a hidden garage compartment, ideal for a flash sportscar.
Powered by Volvo and Mercedes know-how, the engine delivers a wonderfully smooth ride – the vehicle 'glides' and makes little noise, according to the manufacturer. Relaxing in this plush interior should be a cinch.
The front seats and main seating area are upholstered in creamy butter-soft leather and the floors are finished in softly-hued woods, while the kitchen area features laminated wood and marble tiles, lending the interior a minimal vibe.
The kitchen area features plenty of deluxe gadgets and appliances, from a pod coffee maker to a large dishwasher, plus the seating area converts into a massive sleeping zone with two double beds.
Outlaw 2017 Prevost H3-45 – $1.7 million
Outlaw Coach is one of several firms that customize the Prevost H3-45, which is considered one of the world's most prestigious motorhomes. This particular vehicle is on sale via Motor Home Specialist.
The interior is suitably luxurious: the countertops and flooring are finished in marble and polished wood, the units are made from high-quality chestnut and there's a cream leather sofa to chill on, which faces a big-screen drop-down TV.
The swanky kitchen has just about every mod con imaginable – a Viking fridge-freezer and microwave oven, a large convection oven, Bosch dishwasher, wine cooler and even a garbage disposal unit.
Music-loving buyers won't be disappointed – the motorhome features a Harman Kardon surround sound system. And when it comes to getting 40 winks, the sleeping area is super-cozy. Check out that cushiony mattress.
Featherlite 2017 Prevost Monterosso Vantaré – $2 million
Like Outlaw Coach, Featherlite Coaches is a leading firm that customizes luxurious Prevost motorhomes. The Monterosso Vantaré is its most expensive model, retailing at a cool $2 million (£1.5m).
The interior is fitted to the highest spec, with a whole host of luxuries to entice prospective owners, from heated floor tiles and a 60” drop-down Samsung TV, to a Fisher&Paykel dishwasher and a Viking fridge-freezer and microwave.
The bathroom most definitely has the wow factor, with opulent marble and fine wooden finishes, a huge, proper-sized shower and the space's piece de resistance – an integrated waterproof TV.
The separate bedroom area takes on the road comfort to whole new levels thanks to its huge king size bed, blissed-out mood lighting and big-screen Samsung TV. It certainly beats a rusty old campervan.
Marathon 2017 Prevost #1252 – $2.5 million
Marathon Coach also fits high-end Prevost motorhomes, and its interiors tend to be extra-decadent and lavish. The 2017 model is exactly the sort of motorhome a Hollywood star or top musician would snap up.
The 2017 model is one impressive home on wheels. It boasts the latest smart touchscreen technology, leather upholstery, underfloor heating and a total of three high-end TVs, including a 48" 4K LED in the main salon.
To recreate that warm fuzzy feeling of a real home, the Marathon 2017 Prevost motorhome features an inset fireplace in the main salon area that the buyer and his or her guests can huddle around.
The bedroom, which leads into a gorgeous ensuite bathroom, wouldn't look out of place on a billionaire's yacht. It houses a king size bed, polished wood furnishings and a jaw-dropping 55" curved 4K TV.
EleMMent Palazzo Superior – $3 million
Imbued with Austro-Italian style and supercar technology, this VVIP-worthy mobile mansion, as makers Marchi Mobile like to call it, is the joint number one most expensive motorhome in the world.
The white and gold lounge area seriously impresses with huge sky windows, which can be blacked out for optimum privacy, a built-in cocktail bar and a fully-functioning fireplace, along with soft leather seating and a 40” 4K TV.
The bedroom area features a grand rococo-style bed with lots of fancy wood, gold and marble finishes, as well as a 40” 4K TV, while the ensuite bathroom has a premium rainfall shower and posh toilet.
The motorhome even has its very own pop-up nightclub roof terrace. In next to no time, the roof converts into a fabulous entertaining space with a dance floor/sunbathing deck and covered seating area.
Liberty 2017 Elegant Lady #811 – $3 million
The other most expensive motorhome in the world is this up-to-the-minute, fully customized Prevost H3-45 model from Liberty Coach. Dubbed the 'Elegant Lady', it certainly lives up to its name.
The ultimate motorhome, the Elegant Lady outclasses the competition with a peerless spec, ultra-premium furnishings and the latest smart technology. The main living area is sumptuous and extravagant, with calfskin upholstery, underfloor heating and three TVs, including a 65" 4K LED.
The kitchen is packed with the very latest gadgets and offers plenty of space to whip up gourmet meals, and the main bathroom has a special tankless heater that provides unlimited hot water, a real motorhome luxury.
Reminiscent of a five-star luxury hotel room, the master bedroom is as fancy as you'd expect. The motorhome also features home automation, and comes with several iPad Air tablets that can be used to control everything from the lighting to the air con.                                 

owl131 4 year s ago
seems like money doesn't always buy you taste...
Joe 1 year ago
All probably driven by cantankerous old fools that can't drive or park them worth sh!t.



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