There Is A Stunning Hotel Where You Can Enjoy 'The Lord Of The Rings' Scenery The Whole Day (17 pics)

Posted in       6 Sep 2016       2954       GALLERY VIEW

It you love landscapes that are featured in "The Lord of the Rings" movie and want to see them in real life, than Azur Lodge is for you. It is situated in Queenstown on New Zealand’s South Island and is perfect for a romantic getaway.

Sink in: All of Azur's nine villas are self-containing suites with sweeping views of Lake Wakatipu, which can even be enjoyed from the comfort of its king-size beds

Everything you need: Each room has a sumptuous L-shaped sofa, underfloor heating, fireplace, deck, television and iPod system

Utter indulgence: The bathrooms at Azur are as good as any spa you'll find in the area with a deep, inviting bathtub that overlooks the lake

Spellbinding: A canopy of glittering stars hangs above the lake. Take in the stunning view from the spa-worthy bathroom in your room

Stunning views: With headrests for two and enough room for a champagne bucket, it would be easy to begin and end your trip right here

'Five more minutes': Leave the blinds open through the night to enjoy the stars from your bed and wake up with the changing morning light

Starting the day right: While the hotel doesn't serve dinner, it excels with its breakfasts, which can be brought to your room

Cosy: There are only nine rooms or 'villas' at the stunning property and guests are encouraged to roam freely, or not at all, at their leisure

Sociable: Canapes and drinks are served every evening from around 5pm at the main lodge (above), giving guests a chance to mingle

Year round paradise: In the summer months (above) Queenstown heaves with cyclists and hill walkers and the mountains turn from icy peaks to luscious green

Beauty: Take one of the gentle strolls along the edges of Lake Wakatipu to admire it in all its glory. The lightning-bolt shaped body of water is the largest in New Zealand's South Island

Venturing out: A short drive from Queenstown is Glenorchy (above). Visit at dusk and you'll feel the same magic that no doubt inspired the Lord of the Rings crew to film here

Magical: Lake Wakatipu was the inspiration behind Peter Jackson's mythical Lothlorien in the Lord of the Rings films

R&R: After a night out on the town head for Onsen Hot Pools (above) with a glass of local sparkling wine

All the trimmings: A glass of local Pinot Noir by the fire at Azur Lodge is the ideal way to round off a day of exploring the area

Wanting more: Even a brief trip to the area will leave you rosy-cheeked, full-bellied and bursting to go back. Above, the glorious flight in to Queenstown Airport




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