These Kids’ Innocent Drawings Look Really Dirty (48 pics)

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My Friend's 8 Year Old Cousin Made This Self Portrait In Art Class. He Was Wearing A Minions Shirt. Needless To Say His Family Was Confused At First

Little Girl Drew A Picture Of Her Mom At Work. The Mother Is Actually Selling A Snow Shovel At Home Depot

My Daughter's Dolphinarium

My Daughter Drew Me A Giraffe

My 2nd Grade Teacher Friend Had A Class Assignment To Draw The Best Way To Prevent Germs. This Kid Did Not Fail To Disappoint

You Don't Have To Do This

I Think The Kid Meant "Cook"

Found A Drawing I Did As A Child. I'm A Little Bothered

Made A Book For My Dad For Father's Day. My 13 Year Old Sister Could Use Practice Drawing Whistles

It Is My Cat, Cosmo

Kids Drawing Of A Volcano

I Worked A Kindergarten Graduation Service A Couple Of Years Ago Where The Kids Drew Their Own Programs. I Had To Save This One, Obviously, It's A Lighthouse


My Uncle's A Firefighter. One Of The Kids They Rescued Drew Up A "Thank You" Note

And One Night While We Were Listening To Old School Rap He Drew Two Turn Tables. I Was Just Glad He Didn't Draw A Microphone Too


This Is My Daughter Billie's Drawing Of A Fox Running Away From An Alien

Happy Horse Family

My 5-Year-Old Did This For Preschool. Mummy And Daddy On Their Wedding Day

My Kid's Drawing About Her First Day Of Kindergarten: Her Teacher. It's Pretty Accurate

My Kid's Drew This Mother's Day Card For Me. It's Supposed To Be A Rocketship, I Think

Friend Of Mine's Kid Drew This. He Said It Was "Daddy Shaking Hands With Santa Claus"


My Son Was Studying Famine And This Was His Poster To Raise Awareness And Money

My 5-Year-Old Daughter Drew A Picture Of Her At The Farm, Holding A Shovel

At What Point Should You Tell Someone That Their Kid Is Drawing Questionable Art?

I Teach English. One Of My Student's Drawing Looks Horribly Wrong

Here Is A Father's Day Card From A Friend's Student

My 4-Year-Old Son's Drawing Of Santa. Yep, That's His Hat. It Was On The Wall At Preschool

Drawing Vases With Flowers In Art Class

Yep - Its A Duck

My Friend's Son Drew A Picture Of Mommy Mowing The Lawn

My Son's Christmas Card Design

An Elementary School Kids Drawing Of A Slave Playing A Guitar

Drawing Of A Giraffe. This Kid May Have Been Misinformed

My Daughter's Skeleton This Is In The Classroom. Apparently, A Daddy Skeleton

My Son Drew This Last Year In The Kindergarden. It's Supposed To Be A Fish With Its Tail Out The Bottom There

My Daughters Kinder Flower - The Kindy Teacher Kindly Sent Me A Picture Via Sms

Portrait Miss 3 Did Of Her Dad

My Son Got In Trouble For Drawing Eyes At School

This Was My Daughters Artwork About A Monkey And A Lion

My Daughters "spider"

This Is The Start Of My Son's Dinosaur He Drew

I Teach 1st Grade: A Students Drawing Of A "Dog Bone" With A Rainbow Coming Out Of It

My Friends Kid Drew A "Whale"

Looks Like Rudolph Is Getting Excited About Christmas Already

My Little Brother's Innocent Drawing Ruined By My Dirty Mind




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