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Interesting Psychology Facts That Will Blow Your Mind (20 pics + 5 gifs)

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We are most creative at night and least creative in the afternoon.

Music has the ability to repair brain damage, as well as return lost memories.

Marijuana helps slow the growth of cancer cells.

When we sleep with a pillow, we actually wish it would be the person we miss and love the most.

Hugs can make you live longer.

Coffee drinkers live longer.

Your friends’ food is always better than yours.

The more likely a man can grow a beard, the more likely that he will eventually go bald.

Adidas has created a “Happy 420” sneaker with natural hemp, complete with a secret compartment behind the tongue for your stash.

Poor eyesight (Myopia) is associated with higher IQ.

Intelligent people tend to think faster and as a result, their handwriting is more sloppy.

One of the most common causes of depression is over thinking.

When you fart, you lose 0.0371 grams of weight.

A one-minute kiss burns 26 calories.

This is a pencil you can plant. The pencil has a seed in it and when it’s too short to use, you can plant it and watch it grow herbs and vegetables.

“Happy Pizza” is a type of pizza sold in Cambodia topped with marijuana.

When you stand up too fast and get dizzy, gravity has caused some of your blood to collect in your legs, depriving your brain of oxygen.

People who are less religious tend to be more intelligent.

Too much homework can cause stress, depression, and even lower grades.

Overthinking can cause hair loss.

Romantic love and Obsessive compulsive disorder are biochemically indistinguishable.

Faces look more attractive when you’re paying more attention to them.

Humans are the only species who hurt each other intentionally.

People who swear a lot tend to be more honest, loyal and upfront.

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