15 Top Models With Very Unusual Appearance (15 pics)

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If you saw these girls in real life, you would never guess that they are models.


Daphne Groeneveld

Daphne is the face of Dior Addict perfume. She also works with Calvin Klein, Dior, Miu Miu, Gucci, and Prada. In 2011, the girl was named "The Best Dutch Model" in the Marie Claire Fashion Awards.

Julia Zimmer

The model of German origin combines gentle and rough facial features that give her a special charm. Today, Julia works with Vivienne Westwood and Prada. Apparently, in a couple of years, she will definitely become one of the most successful models.

Liza Ostanina

Liza is originally from Izhevsk. When she got a work offer from a famous modeling agency, she didn’t believe it because she had never considered herself pretty. However, when Liza was 15, she went to model in Japan. Now she continues conquering the fashion capitals of the world.

Issa Lish

Issa is half-Mexican and half-Japanese. She has become famous for her angular, androgynous, and slightly extraterrestrial facial features. Issa studied at the Faculty of Art History and wanted to be a sculptor, but her life turned out differently. By the way, she has a quite extraordinary and psychedelic account on Instagram.

Laura O’Grady

In childhood, Laura was always being teased for her large protruding ears. However, she says that she never thought to change them surgically. Moreover, Laura has managed to make a brilliant career as a top model.

Cierra Skye

People often compare her appearance to characters of Renaissance art due to her long wavy hair, oval face, barely visible eyebrows, sensual lips, and thin nose. Besides being an unusual model, Cierra is also an extraordinary person. She likes literature and writes prose and poetry.

Magdalena Frackowiak

Magdalena is one of the most famous Polish models. High cheekbones and an unusual face shape are the main highlights of her appearance. Magdalena has worked with Karl Lagerfeld, and French Vogue has included her in its top 30 models of the 2000s.

Damaris Goddrie

This Belgian girl with Latin American roots performs equally well with feminine and unisex images. The model has already worked with Vogue Italia and Garage Magazine. Fashion tabloids predict a great future for her. So do we!

Lindsey Wixson

Lindsey is one of the most successful and promising top models in the world. Her tiny mouth, plump lips, chin dimple, and gap between the teeth make her look childishly cute. Without a doubt, it is impossible to confuse her with anyone else!

Alek Wek

When Alek was a kid, her family had to flee from Sudan to Europe. In London, a modeling agent noticed her, and now Alek is a successful top model. It’s hard to look away from her! Her charming smile and proud posture simply fascinate.

Kelly Mittendorf

An extravagant appearance was Kelly’s pass into the world of fashion. She isn’t worried about appearing to be unattractive because she loves bold images. And fashion photographers adore her for this. All of Kelly’s images are stunning!

Iekeliene Stange

This girl came to her first audition looking very unusual and awkward: she was wearing an over-sized sweater, green tights, glasses, and long dreadlocks. However, despite her masquerade look, agents managed to make out her aristocratic appearance: a chiseled nose, sharp cheekbones, and slanted eyes.

Esmeralda Seay-Reynolds

When this mermaid-looking girl was in high school, everyone kept asking her, "Aren’t you a model? You’re so tall!" So one day she decided to try her hand in the fashion world. Esmeralda has been in love with fashion and art from childhood. These days, she works with Vogue, Dolce & Gabbana, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Molly Bair

Molly also never thought that her appearance would make her popular. This American girl has high cheekbones, protruding ears, and large deep-set eyes. However, she scored success with her unique features. Molly often participates in the big fashion shows of Prada, Dior, and Chanel.

Lily McMenamy

Many people think that Lily’s appearance doesn’t meet the criteria for top modeling, but the fact that she works for Chanel and Louis Vuitton proves the opposite. However, Lily doesn’t consider modeling her one true calling because she is interested in many other things besides fashion.

Credits:  brightside.me

macskajancsi 6 year s ago
Vickie 1 year ago
No wonder we haven’t heard of any of these “models.” Very few, if any, are pleasing to look at. Tiny mouth is ok.
Mira 9 month s ago
I don’t like what Vickie said. Theses women are beautiful. Since they have unique and prominent features. Normal is overrated! dirol




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