Rare Photos Of Celebrities (60 pics)

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19-Year-Old Robin Williams, 1969

4-Year-Old Barack Obama At The Beach With His Grandfather

26-Year-Old Kurt Cobain Showing A Kitten To His Daughter Frances, 1993

Young Hugh Laurie, Rowan Atkinson, Tony Slattery, Stephen Fry, Penny Dwyer, Emma Thompson And Paul Shearer Winning The First Perrier Comedy Awards, 1981

Tobey Maguire And Leonardo Dicaprio Met At An Audition At A Young Age. Best Buddies Since The 90's

Bruce Lee In The 70's

20-Year-Old Helena Bonham Carter, 1986

26-Year-Old Marilyn Monroe Working Out, 1952

7-Year-Old Drew Barrymore Giving Princess Diana An E.T. Doll While Robert Macnaughton And Steven Spielberg Is Looking On At The London Premiere Of E.T.

Young Maggie Smith In The 60's And 70's

36-Year-Old Harrison Ford, 1978

16-Year-Old Jessica Biel And 14-Year-Old Scarlett Johansson, 1998

Gillian Anderson With A Banana In Her Nose On The Set Of The X-Files

26-Year-Old Vice President Joe Biden

7-Year-Old George Clooney With His Family In 1968

13-Year-Old Elijah Wood And 20-Year-Old Leonardo Dicaprio At The 66th Academy Awards, 1994

Actress Meryl Streep Riding In A NYC Subway Train In 90's

Teenager Rickman At The Latymer Upper School (1956-1964)

Clint Eastwood Skateboarding In Rome, 1965

Audrey Hepburn Pulls A Funny Face On The Set Of The Romantic Comedy How To Steal A Million In Paris In The 60's

Albert Einstein In A Traditional Headdress, At The Grand Canyon With A Local Tribe In 1922

The 14th Dalai Lama As A Young Child

Young Stephen Hawking With His First Wife Jane, 1965

Kate Moss And Johnny Depp At Their Front Door, 1994

13-Year-Old Justin Timberlake And 14-Year-Old Ryan Gosling, 1994

3-Year-Old Robert De Niro With His 24-Year-Old Father Robert De Niro Sr., 1946

David Bowie And Iggy Pop In Moscow, 1976

16-Year-Old Heath Ledger, 1995

15-Year-Old Eva Mendes Getting An Autograph From 17-Year-Old Alyssa Milano

Pamela Anderson In Her Early Twenties

Young Morgan Freeman

7-Year-Old Frank Sinatra, Circa 1922

John Travolta Posing With His Pilot Hat, 1985. You Didn't Know He's A Certified Private Pilot, Did You?

10-Years-Old Daniel Radcliffe Playfully Getting What He Deserved After Running Around And Spraying Everybody With Water Pistol On The Set Of David Copperfield

17-Year-Old Elizabeth Taylor Giving A Bath To Her Cocker Spaniel Amy In 1949

Paul Newman And Clint Eastwood Met By A Chance Outside A Motel In Tucson, Arizona, 1972

9-Year-Old Drew Barrymore Lights Stephen King's Cigarette

22-Year-Old Christopher Walken

Young Christian Bale Playing With His Amstrad Computer

Young Janet And Michael Jacksons

20-Year-Old Bob Marley At His Wedding Day, 1966

13-Year-Old Britney Spears And 14-Year-Old Christina Aguilera, 1994

"Top Gear" Lads Back When They Really Were Lads: Jeremy Clarkson, James May And Richard Hammond

16-Year-Old Nicole Kidman At A Private Photo Session Following The Release Of Her Movie "Bmx Bandit" In Sydney, 1983

Jim Carrey As A Young Boy And A Young Man

Sylvester Stallone And Arnold Schwarzenegger Dancing In Antibes, At The Cannes Film Festival, 1990

Keith Richards Of The Rolling Stones, Tina Turner And David Bowie At The Ritz, NYC, 1983

Pablo Picasso Smoking A Cigarette On The Beach, 1947

Jack Nicholson With A Magnifying Glass, 1986

First Lady Hillary Clinton Playing Game Boy On A Flight From Austin To Washington, 1993

Young Bill Murray With A Moustache

Steven Spielberg With 7-Year-Old Drew Barrymore And Same Age Heather O’Rourke Between Filming E.T. And Poltergeist, 1982

4-Year-Old Stephen King

12-Year-Old Milla Jovovich Playing Super Mario Bros On Her Nintendo With Her Dog Doc

Colorized Photo of Albert Einstein In Nassau Point, Long Island, NY, 1939

Young Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston And Courteney Cox Hanging Out

Brigitte Bardot Picking Her Purse From The Car In Saint-Tropez, 1958

Peter Jackson, Hugo Weaving, Ian Mckellan And Cate Blanchett Hanging Out

Cher As A Baby And 13-Year-Old At The Mugshot When She Was Arrested For Driving A Car

Young Arnold Schwarzenegger Holding A Doll In The 70's


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birdman 7 year s ago
All really cool except for that last one! Very creepy
Domestic 4 year s ago
Capitalising Every F@#$$%g Word Is Tedious And Stupid.
Hello 4 year s ago
#4 A whole metric f@#kton of mental illness about to burst out in that picture!
Jeb 3 year s ago
#33 John Travolta is beyond being a private pilot - he has an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating and flies his own Boeing 707 which is parked at his mansion in CA.
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