Fascinating Historical Photos That Won’t Leave You Indifferent (40 pics)

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A polar explorer proffers a can of condensed milk to a polar bear, USSR, 1980s.

Zanzibar, 1947. An exhausted nanny poses with her young charge, named Farrokh Bulsara. A quarter of a century later, he would adopt the pseudonym of Freddie Mercury.

A member of the Sioux tribe on horseback, 1905. (Colorization by Dana Keller).

A 7,600-ton multi-story housing block is physically moved in order to extend an avenue in the Romanian city of Alba Julia, 1987.

Claude Monet with his paintings, 1923. (Colorization by Dana Keller).

The Beatles perform for 18 people in a modest club in the town of Aldershot, December 1961. A year and a half later they would be superstars.

Marilyn Monroe poses for soldiers, 1954. (Colorization by Dana Keller).

The seal on the tomb of Tutankhamen, 1922. It had remained untouched for 3,245 years.

Soldiers during the Second World War, Easter 1944. (Colorization applied subsequently).

A canteen for Disney employees, 1961.

A boy distributes newspapers bearing a headline about the sinking of the Titanic, 1912. (Colorization by Dana Keller).

Loading the first ever five-megabyte hard drive onto a PanAm plane, 1965.

Madison Square around the turn of the 20th century. (Colorization by Sanna Dullaway).

The Hindenburg disaster, 1937. (Colorization applied subsequently).

The first telephoto lens in the world, 1900.

Young women carrying ice, 1918. (Colorization by Dana Keller).

An accident in Washington, 1921. (Colorization applied subsequently).

A flight simulator for pilots, 1942.

Newspaper sellers on a cigarette break, 1910. (Colorization applied subsequently).

Workers of the Fiat company take part in a race on the roof of the first factory in Turin, Italy, 1923.

A beggar runs after George V, 1920.

A gas station in Washington, DC, 1924. (Colorization added subsequently).

Female boxers on a roof, 1930.

Testing a bulletproof vest, 1923. (Colorization added subsequently).

A mobile swimming pool in New York, 1960.

Steven Spielberg during the shooting of Indiana Jones, 1980.

The Reichstag covered in graffiti after being seized from the Nazis by the Red Army, 1945

After seizing the Reichstag in May 1945 and raising their flag on its roof, Soviet soldiers left their marks in other ways, writing their names, feelings, thoughts and hometowns on the walls of the famous building. Written in Cyrillic script, they include such slogans as “Hitler kaputt” and names of individual soldiers. Most of the writings are just “From [Russian City] to Berlin” or just “[Russian City] – Berlin” with a name or “Kilroyski was here”.

The catapult officer risks his life saving the pilot from a crashed and burning Hellcat on the USS Enterprise, 1943

A sign erected by British forces at the entrance to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. 29 May 1945

Hitler’s Office

Mussolini’s office in Palazzo Venezia

Adolfo Hitler talking to Mussolini through the window of a train in Brennero, 1940

“Mountain Chief” recording Blackfoot songs for the Smithsonian in 1916

775 confirmed kills in one photo. Female snipers squad of Soviet Army

Soilders paying tribute to 8 million donkeys, horses and mules that died during WW1

Lyndon B. Johnson yelling at the pilots of a nearby plane to cut their engines so that John F. Kennedy could speak as Kennedy is seen trying to calm him down. Taken during the 1960 presidential campaign in Amarillo, Texas

Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders picks up trash on his own in a public park after being elected in 1981, his first electoral victory

An American soldier says goodbye to his wife and infant child in Pennsylvania Station before shipping out for service in World War II. New York City,1943

Soviet gym teachers parade in Moscow, 1956

The Russian word used in the original title, “физкультурники“, is now usually translated as “gym teachers”, but at the moment of the parades meant “sportsmen/bodybuilders or athletes”. This is a legacy of Stalin era propaganda parades to promote physical fitness, mainly to make the people ready for heavy labor, possible wars and improve health of the nation.

The Royal Navy on the way home from France with Queen Victoria on board, who had just visited Napoleon III, 1858

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Compilation 1 year ago
#39... so please help me understand, incessant gym commercials in the states, as well as sponsorship of new years celebrations on Times square in NYC is nothing else but amerikan "...propaganda parades to promote physical fitness, mainly to make the people ready for heavy labor, possible wars and improve health of the nation." ?



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