How People Get Smashed In Different Countries (22 pics)

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The act of ‘toasting’ originated in England during the 17th century. They added spiced bread to their wine in order to cut through the acidity while increasing the flavour.

In France, pouring your own drink is considered vulgar. Furthermore, ladies are always served first, and glasses shan’t be filled more than half way.

In Nigeria, a couple isn’t considered truly married until they’ve both taken a sip of what they call ‘Palm Wine.’

In Spain, it is believed that toasting with a glass of water will curse you with 7 years of bad sex.

Most Italians will only drink wine or water with their meals. It’s considered a no-no to drink anything else.

In Portugal, they open bottles of port with red hot tongs and some ice.

In Germany, groomsmen will kidnap the bride a night before her wedding. In order for the groom to get her back, he must first buy them all a round of beer.

In Japan, you never pour your own drink. You keep your neighbours glass full and they’ll do the same. Also, when taking a sip, some drinkers will turn away from the group as a sign of respect.

In Holland, they’ve developed a method of drinking whiskey that requires bending from the waist and picking up the shot with your mouth then downing it before chasing it with beer.

In India, alcohol is used by plenty of people as a way to ‘reach a higher level on consciousness.’

In Dawson City, Canada, you can take a shot that has a preserved human toe in it. It’s called the ‘sour toe cocktail.’ When you do the shot, the bartender will say ‘Drink it fast or drink it slow, but your lips must touch the toe.

In the Czech Republic, you must make eye contact with the person you’re toasting with. Also, don’t you dare let your arms cross during a toast, or you’ll be cursed with 7 years of bad sex.

During a toast in China, elder people must hold their glasses higher than the juniors.

In Georgia, toasting is a big deal. Georgians will toast upwards of 25 times a meal. If you’re a foreigner, you’re expected to participate, other wise it’s considered rude.

At Ukrainian weddings, if the bride doesn’t keep her feet on the floor at all times, her show will be stolen and passed around for people to drink out of.

In Hungary, they refuse to toast by clinking beer glasses together, as in 1848, 13 Hungarian revolutionaries were killed for leading an uprising against Austria. Their deaths were celebrated by toasting beer glasses.

In Peru, you’ll see that when drinking with friends, it’s very typical to use only one glass. One person will take a ‘shot’ of the beer and then pass it along.

In Australia, when you’re out with a group of friends, everyone is expected to buy a round of drinks. This act is otherwise known a ”shout.”

In Iceland, they have two alcohol related holidays: Beer Day in March, and Verslunarmannhelgi in August.

In Russia, you’ll often find that toasts are rather long and end with some sort of punch line. Also, empty glasses and bottles are almost always stored under the table rather than on it.

In Kazakhstan, they have a traditional drink called Kumis which consists of fermented horse milk. According to custom, any of the kumis that hasn’t been fully consumed must be poured back into the bottle.

In Sweden, they like to sing songs nice and loudly before and after taking shots of ‘Aquavit.’ Beer is used as a chaser after each shot.


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