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Have These Celebrities Been Cloned, Or What?! (50 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs   24 Jan 2017   / 6976 views

Turkish George Clooney

Mexican Morgan Freeman Serving You Tacos

Russian Plumber Hugh Laurie

Indonesian Barrack Obama

Brazilian Danny DeVito

Swedish Leonardo Di Caprio

Black Matt Damon

Jeff Goldblum's Indian Doppleganger

Chinese Vladimir Putin

Female Jay-Z

Russian Jim Carrey

Female Taylor Lautner

My Buddy Is Getting His Place Painted By Asian Brad Pitt

White Carlton

Macedonian Britney Spears

Russian Leonardo Di Caprio In The Ministry Of The Interior Of The Russian Federation

This Guy In Egypt Looks Like Kanye. His Name Is Kanye East

Mexican Barrack Obama

American Kit Harington

Looks Like Michael Scott Started A Small Business In Turkey

Indian Bradley Cooper

Japanese Johnny Depp

Peruvian Morgan Freeman

Indian Nicolas Cage

White Laurence Fishburne

I Look Like A Male Version Of The Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme

Was Driving Through Compton, And I Think I Found Hulk Hogan's Brother From Another Mother

Asian Mark Wahlberg

Korean Danny Devito

Jason Alexander And His Young Doppelganger

A Friend Of Mine Was At The Airport And Found Asian Morgan Freeman

White Drake

Vietnamese George W. Bush

Russian Leonardo DiCaprio

Indian Captain Jack Sparrow

Indian Jeff Goldblum

Russian Male Version Of Milla Jovovich

Indian Zayn

Indian Mark Ruffalo

Canadian Angelina Jolie

Bumped On Laurence Fishburn's Female Doppleganger On The Bus

Walter Black (Breaking Bad)

Arab Ryan Gosling

Indian Ron Swanson. Or Should I Say Raj Swanson (The Office)

Hungarian Harry Styles

Elon Musk's Russian Doppleganger

My Handsome Grandpa In The 1950s - The Indian Clark Gable

Indian Ted (How I Met Your Mother)

Asian Littlefinger (Game Of Thrones)

Swedish Johnny Depp. Aka Seba Alon

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