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Actually, Technology Was Completely Different Just 20 Years Ago! (21 pics)

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Going to the video store when you felt like watching something.

And trying to figure out which cover to take to the counter.

Having to rewind the entire film on VHS before being able to watch it.

“Be kind, rewind!” was your mantra.

Having to flip over the tape to watch the second half of the movie.

And the feeling of helplessness when the tape was irreparably damaged.

Sacrificing the internet when someone wanted to make a phone call.

And always playing solitaire or pinball in the meantime.

Groaning whenever you heard the dial up tone.

And knowing someone in the house could always be listening in on your calls.

Flipping through this CD case just to find that one song on that one album.

Spending hours crafting the perfect mix CD.

And feeling heartbroken when you saw this.

Memorising your friends numbers and having to arrange exactly what time you’d call them.

Recording your favourite songs by sitting quietly around a radio.

And manually writing out the lyrics to a song by playing it over and over again.

Having to let go of a question that’s nagging at you because you can’t just “Google it”.

Not being able to retake a photo.

Not knowing a picture was bad until after getting the film developed.

Leaving you stuck with red eye and double chins that will haunt you for life.

And eventually upgrading to taking selfies on your grainy webcam.

Front facing cameras were a game changer.

Actually having to use a TV guide.

And cross referencing and highlighting what you were going to watch.

The disappointment of seeing this screen.

Getting up at a specific time to catch your favourite show.

You’d cancel plans to watch TV because otherwise who knows when you’d get to see an episode you missed?

And testing your patience when you had to type using this keyboard.

Typing “hello” took thirteen clicks. Thirteen.

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ChrisR 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
#3 On what system did you have to flip the tape to watch the other half? Certainly not on VHS.

To listen to a music cassette, though......