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Look At The World Through The Eyes Of Animals (10 pics)

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Dogs only have 2 cones as opposed to humans that have 3. They can see blue and yellow quite easily, but not red or green. Their vision is somewhat similar to that of a colour blind human.

Sharks can’t see in colour, but they have the incredible ability to see things crystal clear underwater.

Lots of fish have ultraviolet receptors which we don’t have. Interestingly enough, fish don’t see in black and white as sharks do.

Most snakes have the ability to see the world in infrared thanks to tiny infrared sensors in their heads. This is what helps them become such incredible hunters and stalkers.

Cuttlefish have blurrier vision than we do and are totally colourblind.

Flies lay claim to the fastest responding eyes in the entire animal kingdom. Their eyes have thousands of individual receptors that act as individual eyes.

Birds have 4 kinds of cone cells in their eyes, whereas humans only have 3. They can therefore see everything a lot more clearly than we can. Furthermore, they also have the ability to see the ultraviolet spectrum.

Bees can’t see red, but have the ability to see things similar to red such as orange. They also have the ability to see ultraviolet light which helps them when they’re looking to pollinate flowers.

Butterfly eyes can have as many as 12,000 facets, each one collectively seeing a single view of the world, much like pixels on a computer.

Cats can see at a 200 degree span, whereas humans can only see at a 180 degree span. They also have more rods than we do which allows them to see better when it’s dark out. Though cats see things a lot less vibrantly than we do, they are able to detect movement easier.

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