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These Are The Teachers Written With A Capital “T”. If Only Every Teacher Was Like Them (28 pics)

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A good teacher is always on top of the newest trends and knows exactly how to captivate their audience
A new boy came to our class today...
This is how we study Human Anatomy
A little bit of dark humor from our Astronomy teacher
Who needs those boring lectures anyway?
This professor knows exactly why lectures are important!
The type of pictures we see every time we come to our History lessons
Got this hall pass today
This is what our first History of the Middle Ages lecture looked like!
A good teacher sincerely believes in his or her students’ success
Today, our teacher spent most of the lesson minding the baby of one of my classmates!
This math teacher shows that sensuality and intelligence go hand in hand
Our teacher is the most honest person in the world!
This professor doesn’t trust all those fancy laser pointers. He stays faithful to the old traditions!
This is what I got today with my Math test results...
The day our teacher forgot the keys to the classroom...
Each morning, our teacher writes motivational messages on our desks!
This teacher really loves his students and cherishes every minute spent in their company!
Our professor is always happy to see us. And he never hides his joy!
This is what we saw coming to our English Literature class this morning
Looks like we’re going to get along with our new teacher after all!
If she was my teacher, I would have passed with A’s!
Some teachers are too resourceful!
On our first day back at school, my classmates and I were surprised by the renovations our homeroom teacher had made over the summer!
You’ve got to love this teacher for not hiding his true emotions!
Thanks to our teacher’s clever visual aids, we’ve all passed our Philosophy exam with flying colors!

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