Children Actually Had Some Amazing Time Before Smartphones And Computers Were Even Invented (48 pics)

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Children Playing "Push The Peanut", King's Cross Street London, 1938

Girl Dancing In Front Of Her Teddy Bear, Paris, 1961

Paul Remos, A Circus Strongman, Hoists His Son Up In The Air Using Only His Right Arm To Feed A Giraffe At The London Zoo, 1950s

Two Little Kids Dancing On The Streets Of New York City, 1940s

Even The Dog Gets A Go On This See-Saw, Northamptonshire

Children Drawing With Chalk, Manchester, 1966

Child Hung Up On A Clothing Rope, Pari

Girls Doing Handstands, Southam Street, London, 1956

Girls Doing Handstands, Southam Street, London, 1956

Children In A Manchester Street Find Their Own Enjoyment With The Aid Of A Rope And A Lamp Post, 1946

Three Boys Are Fishing For Change During The Great Depression, New York, 1930

Two Boys Engrossed In Their Comic Books, Outside On The Street, 1952

Kids Dancing In The Street, New York, 1964

A Young Boy Wearing An Indian Headdress Hides In A Coal Hole And Takes Aim With A Toy Pistol, London, 1954

Ten-Year-Old Martin Witter Watches Two Snails Race In His Home In Lynwood, California, 1954

Children Playing With Paper Boats, Paris, 1950

Young Daughters Of Air Raid Wardens In South-east London Practising First Aid With The Aid Of Their Dolls, 1940

Children Playing, New York, 1940s

Tuba Players, New York, 1940s

The Little Marilyn, Paris 1975

This Girl From Finchley, North London, Shows No Fear Of Being Dropped By Her Two Friends As They Play, 1954

Nun Dancing With Children On Saint Patrick's Day, Ireland, 1964

Police Officer Playing With Children, Harlem, 1978

Children Leaping With Umbrella, 1963

Children Playing In The Housing Slums Of Gorbals District, South Bank Of The River Clyde, Glasgow, 1960s

Russian Child Plays On Homemade Swing Made On A German Cannon Left Behind, 1944

Boys Skateboarding In Streets Of New York, 1960s

A Group Of Children In The Middle Of A Haystack In A Field In Pawling, New York, Early 20th Century

Children Playing Marbles, Missouri, 1940s

Kids Keeping Cool In The Summer, New York, 1937

A Group Of Boys Aged Between 8 - 14 Out At Play

Children Fishing In Victoria Park, London, 1953

Children Looking At Billboard Adds, New York, 1950s

The Little Parisian, 1952

Girl In Japan, 1958

Children Singing In A Snow Cave, Niigata Prefecture, 1956

Girls Playing, Barcelona, 1958

Two Girls Swing On A Lampost, Manchester, 1965

Boys Riding The Rails After The Liberation Of Holland, 1945

Children Playing With Toy Guns, Rome, 1951

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birdman 3 year s ago
Not so much pre celphone & computer, as pre health and safety reg's and the over protection of children
If you let your child do half of these things today the gov't will put you in jail and take your kids away



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