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Fantastic Celebrity Girls Transformations (22 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs   23 Feb 2017   / 4969 views

Beyoncé then:

Still five years away from breaking off from Destiny’s Child.

(TRL in 2001.)

Beyoncé now:

Queen of the Illuminati.

(Grammys in 2017.)

Lady Gaga then:

Rode a disco stick.

(TRL in 2008.)

Lady Gaga now:

Rocked the Super Bowl, sold out stadiums, saved pop music.

(Grammys in 2017.)

Taylor Swift then:

Country star.

(ACM Awards in 2006.)

Taylor Swift now:

She has a squad.

(NYFW in 2016.)

Rihanna then:

Didn’t give a fuck.

(Teen People Lounge in 2005.)

Rihanna now:

Somehow, gives even less of a fuck.

(Grammys in 2017.)

Katy Perry then:

Needs to iron her shirt.

(Jimmy Choo Oscar party in 2004.)

Katy Perry now:

I don’t think she can iron her shirt.

(Grammys in 2017.)

Selena Gomez then:

She was on a Disney show.

(Surf’s Up premiere in 2007.)

Selena Gomez now:

Queen of Instagram.

(American Music Awards in 2016.)

Britney Spears then:

Teen icon.

(Billboard Awards in 1999.)

Britney Spears now:

Legend, survivor, Instagram tastemaker.

(VMAs in 2016.)

Demi Lovato then:

Disney Channel queen.

(Disney upfronts in 2008.)

Demi Lovato now:

A vocalist.

(Grammys in 2017.)

Ariana Grande then:

Pre-ponytail and doughnut-licking.

(Fantastic Mr. Fox screening in 2009.)

Ariana Grande now:

Has the range.

(American Music Awards in 2016.)

Adele then:

She’s British.

(Brit Awards in 2008.)

Adele now:

Halfway to an EGOT.

(Grammys in 2017.)

Jennifer Lopez then:

This picture could have been taken at any point within the last 20 years and you would believe it.

(VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards in 1999.)

Jennifer Lopez now:

Hasn’t aged a day.

(Grammys in 2017.)

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