Here’s What Elite Vacation Spot Looks Like In Hawaii (19 pics)

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Kohanaiki is an exclusive club near Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. The club’s entrance fee is $100000 with the following annual fees of $25000. Members can either purchase pre-constructed, fully furnished homes or build out custom homes themselves. This is the place which entrepreneurs, hedge funders, athletes, and entertainment industry pros choose to enjoy their holidays together, and it’s a really incredible sight.


Kohanaiki is surrounded by lava flows, white-sand beaches, and bright blue waters.

The golf course is one obvious draw for vacationers ...

... as is the beach and all of the activities it has to offer. Kohanaiki's "A-Team" will take members surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and hiking.

Kohanaiki currently counts about 140 homeowners among its members, but it will limit the total to just over 380 families. "We're moving faster than the speed of light right now," Punoose said.

One of the newest models is called the Hinahina residence, which has four bedrooms and 2,402 square feet of interior space.

The homes have their own pool deck, which look out on the 7th fairway.

The finishes are modern, yet distinctly Hawaiian.

The Hinahina homes also have an outdoor shower.

"These homes are as custom as custom gets," Punoose said. "Most of our members love the idea that they can just walk into their house, and all they have to bring is their toothbrush."

But members can also choose to build their homes from the ground up, as long as the design keeps in line with the club's established guidelines. "From lots to built homes to large built homes, it's been quite the mix," president and CEO Joe Root said.

Kohanaiki just completed the $65 million construction of its clubhouse, which covers 67,000 square feet of communal amenities. A new chop house and sushi bar by chef Patrick Heymann is opening on the top floor.

Included in the amenities are a wine cellar and locker where members can store their prized bottles. Kohanaiki often hosts wine tasting events with winery owners, many of whom can be counted among the club's membership. There's also a 300-square-foot brewery on the premises.

The clubhouse's spa treatments were created by Tracy Lee, owner of TLee Spas and the designer of spas at many Auberge Resorts.

There's a rec room with shuffleboard, pool tables, and a long bar.

There's also a 21-seat movie theater ...

... and a four-lane bowling alley.

This cigar lounge and poker den is very James Bond-esque.

But if none of that is appealing, members can relax at the clubhouse's pool, on the "yoga lawn," or in the fitness studios.

"It's a very social community," Root said. "We try to utilize all of the facilities and have different experiences at each one." Recent events have included a dive-in movie night, brewmaster's dinner, a "Luck of the Irish" golf tournament, and a New Year's bash that included performances by members of Journey, Kansas, Santana, The Rascals, and Kool & the Gang.




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