Pics That Are So Poignant and Fascinating (39 pics)

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You know you’re a badass when you carry a holstered attack dog

Cannonball packed with shrapnel

A divorcing couple splitting up their beanie babies in court

Justin Trudeau laying a wreath at the memorial for murdered Jews in Berlin

Michael Jackson’s special shoes next to the floor bolts that were used for him to do his famous gravity-defying lean

The King and Queen of Bhutan

JFK’s Harvard Application Essay Is Only 5 Sentences Long (article)

The reasons that I have for wishing to go to Harvard are several. I feel that Harvard can give me a better background and a better liberal education than any other university. I have always wanted to go there, as I have felt that it is not just another college, but is a university with something definite to offer. Then too, I would like to go to the same college as my father. To be a “Harvard man” is an enviable distinction, and one that I sincerely hope I shall attain.

April 23, 1935 John F. Kennedy

The new assault rifle for French armies : Heckler & Koch HK416F

Each State’s Favorite Word to Use in Online Dating Profiles

Violinist, Roger Frisch, plays during brain surgery to find what’s causing his tremors

Eminem’s hand written lyrics for Lose Yourself

Niagara Falls from above

The 2017 Sauber CS36

Over 10,000 galaxies depicted in Hubble’s Ultra-Deep Field, including a galaxy formed only 450 million years after the Big Bang

This exoskeleton suit is commercially avaialble in Japan

When a person attempts to move their body, nerve signals are sent from the brain to the muscles through the motor neurons, moving the musculoskeletal system. When this happens, small biosignals can be detected on the surface of the skin. The HAL suit registers these signals through a sensor attached to the skin of the wearer. Based on the signals obtained, the power unit moves the joint to support and amplify the wearer’s motion. The HAL suit possesses a cybernic control system consisting of both a user-activated “voluntary control system" named Cybernic Voluntary Control (CVC) and a “robotic autonomous control system" named Cybernic Autonomous Control (CAC)" for automatic motion support.

Nissan’s 1983 vision of what their interiors could look like in the future 

Car navigation, integrated display as dashboard, everything can be controlled with buttons on the wheel, voice control system. They were pretty spot on except for the style.

Partizan Belgrade goalkeeper comforts his teammate after he is barraged by racist chants for 90 minutes

3rd Grade Student Given a Detention For Bringing Lunch for Always Hungry Classmate


Used tires

Granite quarry in Vermont

Marble quarry in Greece

The pilot’s seat and cockpit of a Boeing 747 passenger jumbo jet … has 980 buttons and dials.

Giannis Antetokounmpo rises for a dunk in his first All Star game as nine of the best players on the planet look on

The Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall

Looking into a theatre from behind the stage

3 siblings picking up their daily allowance of bottled water from the Fire Dept in Flint, MI

This has to be the greatest scouting report ever

Audition polaroids taken by casting director Mali Finn circa 1980s

When neither fighter backs down at weigh-in

This is not a painting: Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia

37 years ago, a bunch of college kids from USA defeated USSR in “Miracle on Ice”

The chair Lincoln was assassinated in still has the blood stains

ESPN is such a joke

The Tongue Drive System enables a person with high-level spinal cord injury to operate a computer and an electrically-powered wheelchair by moving their tongue

Runner Gets CaughtCutting Half-Marathon Course, Covering Tracks By Bike

Runner—and food and lifestyle blogger—Jane Seo had her second-place finish in the Fort Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon disqualified on Sunday night. Two days after the race, a part-time marathon watchdog blogger revealed that Seo had cheated and cut 1.5 miles off her course while securing her 1:21:46 finish. Not only did she cut the course, she covered her tracks on a bike later that afternoon to throw off her GPS tracker.

Upon reviewing some photos snapped right after the race, Murphy noticed that the watch Seo was wearing was facing the camera. After some zooming, he saw the watch displayed a covered distance of 11.65 miles—the course was a full two miles longer.

Sports cares not for your politics

A Mug Shot of the Inventor of the Mug Shot (1912)







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