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When being a designated driver, don’t drive your car, drive one of your friend’s. Keeps your car puke free.

To avoid the fake, cheesy smile on young kids when you try to take their picture, ask them to tell you a joke while you take it, but tell them that they should absolutely not laugh while telling it. Beautiful pictures every time of glee

Treat your own time off work as if it was your second job and you are the project. Invest in your self by doing things to learn new skills, give you a sense of accomplishment, and make you happy. You work hard for someone else’s business; work just as hard to make your happiness your business

When making an argument, a single strong point is better than one strong point and multiple weak points. Weak points become targets and weaken your entire position

If you have to pay a company to work for them, it’s a scam. Walk away

Instead of saying “I don’t know” when your boss asks you a question say “I’ll find out.” It’ll make them respect you more

When taking pictures on your phone of/with other people, launch the camera from your lockscreen so that if they ask to see how the picture turned out and you have to hand them your phone, they can’t snoop through your other photos

When breaking up with someone, make a list of the reasons that made you break up with that person. If you’re thinking of getting back together, read that list

We tend to idealize our partners after a while. We forget their defects and the reasons that made us get away in the first place. This list is really helpful in those moments when we feel lonely and tempted to call again.

Always put your shoes through the airport x-ray machine last, especially if you’re in a rush. You won’t be able to accidentally walk (or run) off without something that’s still going though the scanner

You will never “feel like” doing something that you should do. You just have to do it

Something I’ve learned over time is that when you have something you need to do, there’s a moment where you’re like “man, I need to do that,” but think: “I’ll just do it later when I’m in the mood.” So far as I know, that mood never comes. So the moment you think “man, I need to do that,” is the moment you have to do it. It isn’t easy, but it’s the only way to get it done. Plus you’ll feel good afterwards.

When on a budget go to the Goodwill of a higher income community than your own.

Goodwills are more or less a reflection of where they are located, meaning buying from a Goodwill near you is like going to a local yard sale. Where as going elsewhere can be a treasure trove. The more expensive the area the more stuff you’ll find; often people of certain wealth do not want to be seen shopping at Goodwill and will only drop items off.

Give special consideration to the advice when “wild” friends tell you not to do something risky, or when more “uptight” and cautious friends tell you to take a chance.

If you only need to withdraw $10-$20, a $0.99 ice tea at a convenience store is cheaper than most ATM fees

Most ATMs that are not owned by your bank charge a $2-4 fee. Buying something small at a convenience store and asking for cash back will often save you a few dollars. Bonus: A refreshing ice tea is your reward for saving money.

Trying to catch your dog that got out/off its leash? Try laying down.

After watching someone chase their dog around for 20 minutes(the dog thinking it was a game) I walked over and layed down. The dog immediately came over to lick my face and I grabbed its collar.

Motivate people by giving them choices, even if the choices are illusory

People feel more valued or in control if they get to make choices about the task ahead. I learned from taking care of my nephew that if I ask him “What do you want for lunch?” It can turn into an endless thing about why I don’t have his favourite food or why we can’t go to McDonalds. Instead I say “Do you want pasta or toasted sandwiches for lunch?” He makes a choice and feels some measure of control even though I have maintained control over what I have to make.

This can be manipulative but if you’re managing a team of people with a lot less experience than you it can be tempting to map out every aspect of how they do a job. Some jobs are highly complex and time-sensitive and have to be done a certain way. Wherever possible find areas where people working under you can make choices or use initiative safely. They are more likely to take pride in what they’re doing and take ownership of the task if they have some measure of input.

If you have a large amount of work to do in a small amount of time, break it down into groups of 20-40 minutes so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Instead of focusing on everything you need to get done at once, take it one step at a time. When you’re done with that task, take a couple minute breather and go on to the next one.

Write down all your thoughts. Your mind is for creating ideas, not storing them

Whatever idea or task you have, write it down somewhere. Once you have written everything down, your mind becomes decluttered and free from distractions. Since you know that your thoughts are safely stored somewhere, it removes the incessant feeling of “I need to remember… something” in your brain. This makes you completely focus on the task at hand.

The bowline knot may be the most useful knot, because it it secure and can be tied and untied easily. You can do it in 4 simple steps

When punishing children it is good practice to inform them what they did is wrong, why it is wrong, and what they can do better. If you can’t articulate these things, then you should examine why you are giving out a punishment in the first place

A lot of parents do not understand the difference between their emotional response to a misbehaving child and the lesson needed to actually fix the misbehavior. Consistent punishment without context breeds children fearful of trying anything new or angering peers. It is a slippery slope to child abuse.

If somebody comes to your door selling a home security system and asks if you have one, always say yes.

If they ask which company, tell them it’s none of their business. Many people looking for homes to rob will come to your door asking about security systems. It gives them a chance to case the home and look for weaknesses like if you don’t have a dog or if the house is homed by women or the elderly

Furthermore, document the encounter to the best of your ability. This is not the time you want to shoo someone away immiediately. Be comfortable being uncomfortable and without escalating the situation, ask as many questions as you can. Who are you with (even if they lie, they likely have told that lie before), contact numbers, etc. Did they come in a vehicle? Take the plates down, make, model, any damage to the vehicle. Which direction did they go in, did they talk to any neighbors.

You can save money and potential worry after your dog eats something it isn’t supposed to by calling the Pet Poison Hotline. 855-764-7661.

You can use and interchangeably. Perfect for signing up to a website twice without setting up two accounts.

If an indoor cat gets outside and lost, put their litter box outside. They can smell it from up to a mile away and find their way home.

When purchasing a used car, make sure the check engine light turns on when you first start the car. A lot of people rip out the bulb so you don’t know that the car needs repairs!

Purchased a 2004 outback for $3900 in excellent condition (ha, so I thought) only to find out the head gasket is leaking, as well as the O2 sensor and catalytic converter are fucked up. I basically have to buy a new car with the very little money I have and I probably won’t get a penny for my own car unless I lie just like the asshole who sold me the car did to me.

f you are ever in a situation where you have to apologize. Give one heartfelt apology and move on. Repeatedly apologizing will only make it worse.

If you take someone to a gun range who has never shot before, stand no more than a foot behind them

This way they physically cannot turn around and accidentally point a loaded gun at you. Chances are they will try turn around to ask you a question if you’re teaching them, and many times they don’t think about the gun in their hands. Plus you can better see what they’re doing and coach them appropriately.

Whenever someone recommends you a place to check out, star it on Google Maps. Next time you’re in that city/state, you’ll have a bunch of stars to visit.

If you’re leaving food at work, take a bite before you put it in the fridge.

If the asshole that’s looking for free food sees you ate some of it they’ll spare your food. This only works for sandwiches.

When you are in an argument, ask yourself if you are hungry, tired, or both

Many arguments occur after 6pm, when we are hungry, tired, or both, and this can cloud our judgement and make us more irritable.

If you and your SO start arguing when you’re getting ready for bed — just go to sleep. You’re tired, they’re tired, and you need to continue this conversation when you’re both in a better state of mind.

Ask yourself “Will this still be a big deal a month from now?” This can help you figure out if something is worth getting upset or worry about.

Without being too specific, even the smallest things in life can stirr up you’r mind having a hard time letting go or forget sometimes. The faster you learn to not care, the better you’r days will be.

Never give out any personal information on an inbound call

If it is an important call, and personal information is required, tell them that you will call their service back after googling their proper phone number; don’t call them back on a number that they give you.

Even if it’s a legitimate call, it’s better to be safe.

Complete a simple task like making up your bed or preparing a real breakfast when you wake up in the morning. The feeling of accomplishment will encourage you to achieve more throughout the day.

“Get the first hour of your day right and the rest will follow.”

Always greet someone by their name if you know it. This makes people feel more important and makes you instantly more likable

When you start a new job and someone is kind enough to take the time out to tell you who, in the office, you should be wary of, be wary of the person telling you.

If you can smell yourself a little, others can smell you a lot. If you do forget deodorant, use hand sanitizer. It kills that bacteria in your Pitts that cause the odor.

If you accidentally dial 911, follow through with the call

You may panic and not say anything, then maybe hang up. You aren’t in trouble and you’ll actually waste more of the operator’s time by hanging up, because then they have to call you back to make sure there was no emergency.

Read news from sources which do not agree with you politically. e.g. if you are left wing, read right wing news (and vice versa) every once in a while

It’s important to read news articles from other parts of the world to limit your national bias, from both conservative and liberal papers.

Try and find good sources from the powerhouses of the world to best educate yourself. Read both sides, and draw your own conclusion in the middle.

Don’t hit dismiss on your alarm until you have actually gotten out of bed

Sleep-you is a drastically different person, with different priorities, goals, and concerns. Don’t trust them with this sort of decision.

If you’re having trouble with oversleeping because you killed the alarm, then start plugging up your phone on the other end of the room. To then walk back to bed, get back into it, and doze back off will require actual conscious choice, and thus will be much easier to avoid.

If you’re leaving food at work, take a bite before you put it in the fridge

If the asshole that’s looking for free food sees you ate some of it they’ll spare your food. This only works for sandwiches.

When training someone at work, or in any situation, make sure you to explain the end goal

Doing this makes it easier to piece together what you’re actually doing. Rather than saying do this, then this, then that and now we have achieved this, you can show how these steps actually benefit/lead to the goal.



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