Internet Actually Has Tons Of Useful Websites For You (25 pics)

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Find ED (Emergency Department)

Website – //

Although the United States doesn’t have universal healthcare…there’s an app for everything, including emergency rooms. This website will find the fastest, highest rated ER’s in your area.

Note: it won’t help you pay for the visit though…

Have I Been Pwned?

Website –

It will tell you whether or not your email has been found in any data leaks. If it has been, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your account has been compromised. Typically, the hackers will have gotten your email, username, and an encrypted version of your password. You should still change your password though.

Radio Garden

Website – //

You can listen to radio stations anywhere in the world.

10 Minute Mail

Website – //

This site is useful if you need a throwaway email, especially when you’re signing up for websites but don’t want to receive any mail from them.

Math Way

Website – //

A great site for students, it solves algebra, calculus, and even chemistry problems!

Free Camp Sites

Websites –

If you live on the road, this could be useful. And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.

Gas Buddy

Website –

It’ll tell you where you can get the cheapest gas nearby.

Fake Spot

Website – //

Find out whether or not an Amazon product review is fake.

My Fridge Food

Website – //

Just check off what’s in your fridge, and the website will spit out a bunch of recipes you can make.


Website – //

Find archived versions of websites from years ago. Also, on you can find a lot of other good stuff like books, movies, etc.


Website –

Generates background noise to help you while you study and work.

Local Lingual

Website –

Listen to people’s voices from all over the world.

Calmly Writer

Website –

This is a good place to write your papers without distractions. It goes well with noisli.

Good RX

Website –

Find the cheapest medication around town and even get coupons!

Sleepy Time

Website – //

This website will calculate the best times for you to fall asleep so that you don’t wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle (which makes you feel groggy).

Terms of Service Didn't Read

Website –

This site will quickly summarize the main points of what is in the Terms of Service for numerous websites (the terms you agreed to but didn’t actually read).


Website –

Get free high resolution photos.

Just Delete Me

Website – //

Find out how to delete your accounts on the internet (it can be harder than you think).

The Browser Tracker

Website – //

Find out what your browser knows about you (and what every website you visit knows).

The True Size Of

Website – //

See the real size of various countries and states and compare them to each other.


Website – //

You can track sharks in real time.

Random Useful Websites

Website – //

A website that randomly takes you to a useful website.

Repair Clinic

Website –

If you want to learn to be a handy-man, this is your source. Not only does it tell you how to fix stuff, you can order the parts you need.


Website –

Although its not photoshop, it’s the closest thing to a browser version that you’re going to find.

Get Human

Website –

It helps you get in touch with an actual human when you are calling customer service.



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