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When You See These Insects You Will Doubt You Have Born On The Right Planet (26 pics + 1 gif)

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Tarantula Wasp (New Mexico, USA)

This guy hunts and murders tarantulas to feed its babies.

House Centipede (Worldwide)

The only thing more unnerving than this thing is the “House” part of its name.

Giant Walking Stick (New Guinea, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia)


Giant Weta (New Zealand)

“Hey bro I think your rabbit is sick or something.”

Thorn Bug (Southern Florida)

Next time I get caught in a thorn bush I’ll actually be relieved.

Elephant Beetle (Caribbean)

It looks like a bug version of Dumbo.

European Earwig (Europe)

This insect developed mandibles on its butt after years of getting grinded on by creepy dudes at the club.

Rhinoceros Cockroach (Australia)

And you thought the roaches were gross in your college apartment.

Goliath Beetle (Botswania, Namibia, South Africa)

I don’t know where most of these places are but I need to find them on a map so I know to never go near there.

Brazilian Treehopper (Brazil)

The Brazilian Treehopper is known for his love of fancy hats.

Cicada (North America)

When I was a kid we’d put these fuckers in the microwave. I do not feel bad about it.

Scorpion Fly (Worldwide)

Scorpions can fly now… how about that?… oh hey look a bridge

Wheel Bug (North America)

This little critter injects venom that dissolves its victims from the inside out, but he wants to remind you that his livelihood is not who he really is — he always wanted to be a ballet dancer.

Antlion (Worldwide)

Also known as doodlebugs, which is an uncharacteristically adorable name for a creature that crawled from the depths of Hell.

Hickory Horned Devil (North America)

This little guy curls up in a ball to camouflage himself as bird droppings.

Devil’s Flower Mantis (Africa)

Bow down to your insect overlord.

Brown Sulawesi Plume Moth (Indonesia)

See those horns on his head? Some can have up to 20.

Japanese Giant Hornet (Japan)

I always thought Japan looked like a cool place to visit. Not anymore.

Silkworm Caterpillar (Asia)

“Kill… me…”

White Ermine (Eurasia)

This guy’s actually kinda cute… like a little Pokemon.

Brahmin Moth Caterpillar (Bhutan)

God has forsaken us.

Tetragonula Stingless Bees (Australia)

Don’t let the seemingly-harmless name fool you. If you touch this you will 100 percent turn into those Flood monsters from Halo.

Camel Spider (Middle East)

These sumbitches are the size of a cat. But don’t worry, they can also jump really fucking high.

Saddleback Caterpillar (Southern United States)

The saddleback caterpillar is covered in poisonous hairs and spines and will serve as the steed that other insects mount when they lead their inevitable war against mankind.

Curved Spiny Spider (Southeast Asia)

This insect lives in the trees and is characterized by the two large nopes protruding from its nope.

Giant Orb Weaving Spider (Australia)

In addition to weaving giant webs that can catch FUCKING BIRDS, they also weave nightmares.

Sweet dreams!

Goliath Spider (South America)

Fuck this. I’m done blogging for the day.

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