The Real Love Stays Forever And It’s So Beautiful (46 pics)

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My Grandma Recently Passed. My Grandpa Sent Me This Picture So I Could Know What Man Looks Like When He Is In Love. They Were Married 60+ Years

Getting Married, Because Now They Finally Can: Two Iowa Women Finally Marry After 72 Years Together

I Was Having Lunch With My Mom And This Gentleman Was Having Coffee With His Late Wife. Everyone Deserves To Have A Love This Strong

My Grandpa Passed Away A Few Months Ago. I Visited His House Today For The First Time Since And His Wife Has Their Wedding Outfits Hanging Like This In Their House. This Is True Love

Grandma Had Surgery On Her Wrist And Couldn't Do Her Own Hair So My Grandpa Did It For Her

He Sang To Her Every Night Before Bed. Moments Before She Passed On, He Did The Same. 70 Years Of True Love

I Was Sitting Next To This Couple At Starbucks This Morning, This Man John Was Teaching Linda The Alphabet. He Told Us That She Lost Her Memory And Was Re-Learning How To Read. Patience, Love, And Understanding At It's Finest

This Couple Recreate Their Wedding Day After 70 Years

Love Is Awesome. My 90 Year Old Grandpa Didn't Move From This Spot For 4 Days After Grandmas Open Heart Surgery

Staying Together Till The Last Beat Of The Heart. My Grandma, 96, With My Grandpa, 100, Hours Before Her Death. 77 Years Of Marriage

I've Been Depressed Lately. Thanksfully, My Husband Seems To Get The Whole "For Better, For Worse..." Thing

This Lovely Couple With Down Syndrome That Has Been Married For 22 Years, Proving That All Doubters Were Wrong

They're 86 And 91 And My Grandparents Still Hold Hands While Sleeping

One Of The First Same Sex Couples That Got Married In Washington State

Wife Of US Marine, Who Was Killed In Iraq, Refused To Leave The Casket, Asking To Sleep Next To His Body For The Last Time. Before She Fell Asleep, She Opened Her Laptop And Played Songs That Reminded Her Of Him

My Parents Just Celebrated Their Anniversary. This Is What Love Looks Like 54 Years Later

Because He Was One And Only

This Joyous Reaction

My Grandma Sent A Photo Of Herself To My Grandpa During The Korean War. He Sent This Photo Back To Her

The Best Thing About My Mum Finally Getting A Decent Phone Is Her Fangirling Over My Dad On Snapchat Like A Teenager

This Sweet Grandpa

Sneaking A Hug In Public

My Girlfriend Works At Steak 'N Shake. This Woman's Husband Passed Away But She Still Has Lunch With Him Everyday

My Mother Died Suddenly At Age 56. My Step-Dad Had Her Clothes Made Into A Quilt, Which I Bring Out Every Mother's Day To Remind Me Life Is Short And Love Is Big

Man Walks The Streets With A Sign To Find A Kidney Donor For His Wife

This Couple Married For 37 Years Always Dress In Matching Outfits

Flower Girl And Ring Bearer Who Finally Got Married

After 72 Years Of Marriage This Couple Died An Hour Apart Holding Hands

My Mom Made My Dad Dress Up And Presented Him With The "Best Husband" Oscar

Found A Box Of Letters My Parents Started Writing Each Other From Age 15. I've Never Met Two People More In Love

My High School Friend Recently Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer With Less Than A Week Doesn't Let It Get Him Down As He Celebrates Love In The Face Of Death

My Dad Falling In Love With My Mom - 1976

This Man Wrote His Girlfriend 14 Letters While They Dated, And She Had No Idea They Contained A Secret Message

365 Reasons To Smile For My Girlfriend

Today Is My Grandparents 66th Wedding Anniversary

Couple Celebrates 50 Years Of Love By Wearing Same Wedding Clothes They Wore In 1966


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leslieclayton 5 year s ago
My eyes watered watching these never running out of affection for one another




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