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Congratulations, You’re Dating An Idiot! (45 pics)

Posted in Funny » Fail   7 Apr 2017   / 9221 views

So My Girlfriend Didn't Want To Lose The Keys To Her Lock

My Girlfriend Just Asked What The "No" On This Switch Meant

I Asked My Wife To Bring My Basement Shoes To Me. She Said "The Opaads?"

This Is How My Wife Decided To Unpack Her New Cable

I Told My Boyfriend I Wasn't Feeling Well And Asked Him To Buy A Thermometer On His Way Home From Work

My Husband Asked My Gynecologist If He Was A Texas Longhorn

Caught My Girlfriend Eating These "Christmas Cookies". They're Dog Treats

I Am 5'1". I Asked My 6'2" Husband To Hang A Mirror For Me

I See Your Wife Cable Opening Skills And Raise You My Girlfriend's Avocado Cutting Skills

My Friend's Husband Thought He Could Microwave His Shirt To Dry It Faster

Girlfriend Asked If I Was Doing Drugs

My Girlfriend And I Are Having A Contest To See Who's The Best Cook. I Walked In On Her Trying To Cook A Steak. I Think I Might Win This One.

My Girlfriend Just Sent Me This Image And Asked "Is This A HDMI Cabel?"

So My Buddy Took His Girlfriend Flyfishing

Wife Asked Me To Get Her A Mounds Bar At The Store. I Spent 5 Minutes Looking Because I Only Saw Spunow Bars

She Just Wanted To Keep The Cheese Fresh

So My Girlfriend Needed My Help Hanging This

Wife Asked Me To Get Period Pads. I Got Granny Leakage Pads

I Asked My Husband To Put Away The Leftovers

My Hubby Tried To Bake Cookies Tonight. On A Cooling Rack

How I Know My Girlfriend Was Cooking Today

My Boyfriend Put This Up On His Fridge Last April. I Left Him A Note

My Friend's Girlfriend Walks Into Our Apartment And Said "Wow You Guys Really Love Physics!"

Offered To Clean The House For "Husband Points" While The Wife Was Out Of Town. Hired A Maid But Didn't Check The Work. Busted!

This Is How Dad Dressed Daughter For The Daycare

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